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If you love our articles and would like to use our recipes and images on your own websites or blogs, below are our conditions:

  • Recipes: should not be copied exactly as it is! You can change the wordings on the instruction portion at the very least. Copying everything verbatim may affect EAT LIKE PINOY negatively in search results but it may be worse for the party copying it (Read about: duplicate content – Google hates that!). Kindly add a natural link back to the original post as a courtesy.
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In-line linking or ‘hotlinking’:

In-line linking or ‘hotlinking’ is unethical and also a form of theft! 

This is done when someone copies someone else’s Image URL and copy-paste on their own website.

This practice is generally not accepted due to resulting bandwidth issues, yes, you are using someone else’s bandwidth. 

If you are going to use our images, please do it right! Save a copy and upload it to your own server but please remember to give credit and link back.


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If you are interested in purchasing our images or other stock photos, we offer them for a very reasonable price, without watermarks and in high resolution depending on your requirements. Please contact us for any inquiries. You may use the contact form or send an email at connect@eatlikepinoy.com.