How To Cook The Best Beef Lauya

Asian countries like the Philippines have excellent advertisement globally and among others. They love to make different recipes and varieties of comfort food. Aside from Adobo, Sinigang, Sisig, and exotic recipes, they love to serve soup-based courses that can boost your appetite to the second level. An example of that is the Beef Lauya.

The Filipinos are well-known for their popularity in the culinary industry. Unlike others, they are not sticking themselves in a single variant of the recipe. They always provide a different version to make others comfortable and satisfied. As you know, some individuals limit themselves in consuming some ingredients. With a respect to that, they ensure to give an option that can suit others’ preferences.

For today’s subject, we want you to be familiar with a certain ads recipe. The study says that these recipes are somehow alike to the Beef Nilaga that you typically have. Thus, there is some difference between the preparation and the ingredients when preparing these two recipes.

The preparation of your typical Nilaga is more simple than the Lauya menu. It doesn’t require a complicated procedure to make the entire menu. You simply boil it and add some vegetable ingredients to reply with so much flavor. On the contrary, Lauya requires a unique smores effect to its beef ingredients. Yes, that is the unique style of making these recipes more distinctive and savory.

Moreover, if you are curious about that matter, keep on navigating this advertisement article. We will share some new information that can help you to know more about this matter. Let us move forward and discover the wonders of these recipes. And how you can create a new version of menu ads that will satisfy your cravings.

(Credits to: Panlasang Pinoy)

What is Beef Lauya?

Similar to Beef Nilaga, our dish is also a soup-based course. You can also imitate these recipes with the help of different kinds of ingredients. Yes, you can link other meat ingredients to make this menu possible. Aside from beef, having chicken and pork short ribs as primary ingredients is an excellent choice. The procedure is the same, however, the flavor is quite different.

Thus, it will be an incredible menu to serve. Our dish is much tastier than those two options. As you know, beef is sponsored with a strong taste of savory than your typical chicken and pork short ribs version. The fats that come along with the beef have their own packed of flavor. That is why it is not surprising that it is tastier than the others. 

Our dish is consists of different ingredients. The original compounds are beef and vegetables like greens, garlic, ginger, carrot, and peppercorns. However, you can also include onions if you want to add sweet yet spice flavor. These ingredients also go well with the chicken and pork compounds. Thus, it requires a different time range.

Boiling time is crucial to soften the Beef Nilaga. You need some techniques to make it happen. For that reason, we want to share with you some ways to cook these new recipes and make your beef ingredients achieve the right texture that you want. We listed some of the possible methods to give you the excellent option to consider. Below are the following.

Ways to Cook these Beef Soup Recipes

(Credits to: Global Granary)

Preparing a recipe out of excellent ingredients requires proper guidelines. That is why we are here to share some ways that you can perform to make our new recipe perfect. Each of these methods can offer a remarkable help to experience the savory taste of your new recipes. It can also give you a new option that can suit your preferred equipment and available resources. Here is the following;

  • Stovetop

A stovetop is accessible for many individuals nowadays. At this moment, this stove is one of the most excellent products in your kitchen. It is sponsored with different levels of fire that can control your slow cooking process. It consists of 4 burners that are easy to function.

On the other hand, boiling your beef is a crucial part of preparing your menu. That is why you need a comfortable yet excellent performance from your available resources. And that is the outstanding performance that this burner has. You can link this stove to boil your beef anytime.

Unlike the traditional way of cooking, using woods and charcoal. This stove is not complicated to use. You just turn it on and the flame will easily burn in a snap. Place your boiler on fire and leave it for an hour or more. If it is ready, you can switch the level of fire. 

As you know, the more the fire level is less, the more relish you get from your beef. After that, you can now serve your dish at your dining table. You can also reheat it if necessary. 

  • Clay Pot

The traditional way of slow cooking in the Philippines is with the link of clay pots. It is an excellent product that includes in cultural items of the Filipinos. It is a productive pot that can help you to slow cook different recipes like Beef Nilaga and our new recipe. You can use it in woods and charcoal cooking.

Aside from being a help for the cooking procedure. This pot also contributes to the taste of the recipes that you are making. It gives a new unique and distinctive taste. Filipino says that when you cook your meal into this boiler, it can extend the quality and lifespan. It also maintains the warmness of the food.

Besides, it can also help your beef to release its incredible relish. As you know, a clay pot can balance the heat inside, from the fire that you set to it. This equipment can penetrates the heat inside the ingredients to cook it excellently.

  • Instant Pot

Dissimilar to the other equipment in cooking, instant pot can be your excellent choice for slow boiling procedures. It can function with the limited time that you set into it. Yes, that is right. Instant pot requires time setting to function. You can set a time that you prefer to cook your meat ingredients. It is not complicated to link because it is an electrical appliance.

This equipment functions with the help of electricity. Plugging in is the requirement to operate. Thus, when you are out of electricity, you can’t use it, unlike other boilers that you can make fire as an alternative. To cook your new soup recipe, adding all the meat ingredients and boil it is the first move after you smoked it. After the time ends, you can check if it is tender. 

Afterward, you can add the seasonings and the vegetables. Set enough time to soften the other compound. Then, you can not enjoy your meal generously. You can also reheat the recipe whenever you like. As you know, the instant pot is just one plug-in away.

  • Pressure cooker

When it comes to tenderizing the meats, a pressure cooker is your excellent choice. It is a well-known cooker that many individuals want to have. As you know, it can help you to lessen the time of your preparation. It produces an excellent pressure to make your ingredients more tender and cook. 

A pressure cooker is one of the best cookers in the world. Globally, most restaurants are using this cooker to make their recipe in a snap. Thus, you also need to be careful whenever you are using it. The pressure inside is intense, that is why you need to release it before you open the lead. Ensure that you uncover the pressure exit to release the pressure.

Afterward, you can open the lead and seasoned your soup recipe well. You can now add the vegetables and other compounds that are needed. Simmer and serve at your dining table while it’s hot.

Other Yummy Top Variants of Our Pinoy Beef Soup Recipes

Given its excellence for being a remarkable menu in the Philippines, our star dish also has other versions of flavors. This section contains some variants that you must consider. Each of these variants has a different offer to elevate your original recipe. All of them reply with an extra savory effect from some ingredients that you might not be familiar with. Those are the following;

  • Beef Nilaga with Sinabawang Langka

Every province in the Philippines makes its version with its trademark. They are owning their works by providing an extra twist for new various recipes that they come up with. An example of that is these Sinabawang Langka recipes. 

Langka or jack fruit is also a fruit that is abundant in the Philippines. It is not surprising to know that it is also a reliable ingredient in some Filipino recipes. The young fruit can be an ingredient to make an excellent menu, like in our recipe of the day. Sinabawang Langka requires this fruit to be part of it.

Thus, you need to be careful in preparing these recipes. Because young Pinoy jack fruits are also not easy to tenderize. It also has a substantial texture that you usually see in some meat ingredients that you have in your kitchen. However, if you successfully soften this fruit, it can reply with an excellent taste and be savory. 

It can be an alternative compound to some vegetables. It also goes well with other vegetable ingredients. It can provide a unique flavor that can keep you from eating more. So, it is a fantastic option to consider.

  • Red Beef Soup (with Atsuete and Chorizo de bilbao)

If you are tired of having a clear soup recipe, you can try these recipes at home. As you know, many people eat with their eyes. They always consider the appearance and presentation of the food on their tables. For that reason, here is a recipe that can suit their taste.

Red soup is a not-so-typical menu for some people. However, if it is spicy, this thing is common. Hence, these recipes include Achuete and Chorizo de Bilbao. In the Philippines, Achuete seeds provide extra color and unique taste. They usually link it in their Pinoy Kare-Kare recipes. Thus, as of this moment, Achuete is a compound for our main recipe.

For its preparation, soak the Achuete in warm or hot water to release its color. Soak it for about 10 to 20 minutes to get the vibrant color. After that, while adding it to your mixture, ensure that you strain and remove the seeds out. It contains a bitter flavor that you might not want to take.

The same goes with the chorizo, to release its hidden savory, you must heat it first. Then cut it into slices and put in your mixture. All over, they are an excellent compound that can activate your taste buds and satisfy your cravings. They provide an outstanding relish to your soup and make your dish unique and delightful at the same time.


Trivia is information that you need to look forward to. It contains knowledgeable details that you might find interesting. We listed some trivia below about our Pinoy star dish and some data that links it. So, let us move forward!

  • It is similar to Nilagang Baboy. But the taste is quite different because of the ginger. And our Pinoy star dish requires a lot of this. As you know, it has a strong flavor that can refresh your taste. Plus, it can also remove the fishy flavor of your meat ingredients.
  • Some people cook these recipes for sick individuals. They believe that this menu can help others to recover their strength. The study says that ginger contains an extravagant effect on medical history.
  • Our Pinoy star dish includes in Ilocano recipes. They are the people from Northwestern Luzon. They are linking wild boars to cook these recipes. They also smoked it to add many flavors and provide a distinctive savor.
  • Pinoy Ilocano links salt to preserve meat and store it from time to time. After that, they smoked it to cook and release its natural flavor. That might be the birth of this remarkable menu.


Tips are the guidelines for the preparation of these incredible recipes. It is sponsored with the data that is helpful to make the right procedure of our menu. Thus, following this information is somehow the better thing to consider. It includes the following;

  • Clean the beef or pork and ensure that you remove the blood completely.
  • Grilled or smoked the beef or pork.
  • If you don’t want the smoky flavor, you can also try to boil it all at once.
  • After wash, boil the beef for about 7 minutes. Then strain it and wash again.
  • This technique is to remove the dirt that floats. It is also to get a clearer soup.
  • If your ingredient is sponsored with a strong fishy smell, you can also put some lemongrass. That way you can remove the odor and reply with an extra flavor.


Troubleshooting is also essential to make your soup recipes perfect. As you know, some people who accidentally do works negatively. For that reason, we include some possible trouble that you might come across when preparing our star dish. It includes the information below.

  • Too bland

Adding seasoning is the most critical part of making your menu. Putting enough is what you need to achieve. Thus, some people are cautious to put flavors in their mixture. If blandness takes over your mixture, don’t worry too much. It is the easiest problem in the kitchen.

Adding some salt will do. You can also include Patis or other liquid seasonings. Thus, ensure that you pour enough to elevate the taste. If you pour too much, it can cause so much trouble.

  • Too salty

This problem is what we a referring to a while ago. If you pour so much seasoning, it might become salty. To adjust the taste, you better pour the liquid and put some vegetables that are good at absorbing flavors. These vegetables are potatoes, carrots, and some leafy greens.

However, checking after applying is a must. Taste your mixture and adjust the salinity if needed. Little by little, add the liquid and taste it. If you balance the taste, then, you can not simmer and serve it on your dining table.

Excellent Serve With

Our Pinoy Soup recipe has an incredible relationship with other recipes. It can complement others because of its deep flavor. If you are interested in that matter, here is the list of the combos that you might like.

  • Steamed Rice

Soup-based recipes have a fantastic combo with the rice. The straightforward taste of the rice can complement the salty flavor of our soup recipe. Filipinos love to eat with rice. For that reason, they make numerous recipes that make an incredible combo with it. An example of that is this combination.

  • Chopsuey

Saute vegetables contain so much grease that is sponsored with the compound that it has. Our soup recipe can counter that greasiness that is why most Filipinos are making this combination.

  • Fried food recipes

The dryness of the fried recipes can be great with soup-based recipes like our Pinoy menu. Our menu can divert the boring dry texture of the fried foods. That is why many people are trying this combo.


We come this far. We hope that we give you the new knowledge that you want to achieve about these recipes. Following all the directions is the main point to imitate this kind of Pinoy menu. We are grateful to share some new information to help you to understand these recipes. Considering all the details can be your key feature to try this thing and enjoy it at home.

For more delicious recipe, visit Eat Like Pinoy!

Thank you and Enjoy! Happy eating everyone!

beef lauya in a stainless bowl
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Best Beef Lauya Recipe

This is a delicious beef soup that is almost similar to Nilaga. The only difference is that this dish uses lots of ginger.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Filipino
Keyword Beef Recipes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 25 minutes
Servings 4 people
Calories 362kcal
Cost $5-20


  • 1 kg Beef Meat cut into serving pieces
  • 1 cup Young Onion chopped
  • 2 pcs White Onion peeled and halved
  • 2 thumbs Ginger sliced
  • 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Whole Peppercorn
  • 2 cups Beef Broth
  • 5 cups Water


  • Combine broth and water in a pot, toss in beef meat. Bring to boil and skim the scum.
  • When it's already boiling, season it with ginger, pepper, garlic powder, and onion.
  • Simmer for 1 hour or until beef is tender.
  • Toss in young onion. Mix and ladle into a bowl.
  • Serve hot and enjoy!


Calories: 362kcal | Carbohydrates: 1g | Protein: 57g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Cholesterol: 155mg | Sodium: 602mg | Potassium: 917mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Calcium: 64mg | Iron: 5mg
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