How To Make The Best Palitaw

There will always come a moment in a day that we will crave something sticky and chewy and sweet at the same time. For sure, you will always think of the local Filipino sticky delicacies in the rural. But what if you are in an urban area with all the fast food surrounding you. It will be hard to find a store that caters to one. 

Now here is what we can help you with, we will give you something easy to make! Food/Recipes like the Palitaw look so underrated, but the food/recipe flavor is massive that you would not stop munching a serving in one sitting. 

Asia is home to unique flavors and delicacies. In addition, Asia holds the most dishes served on every plate. Asia has this diversity of flavors. Even their cookies have their take. In India, it might have turmeric spiced cookies. In Korea, it might have Kimchi flavored cookies. And Pinoy’s, well, there are lots of flavors to choose from.  

Are you excited already to taste this food/recipe? This webpage link opens to other amazing recipes. Well, brace yourself for a sticky adventure that will satisfy your growling tummy and sweet tooth. 

If you want to know more about Filipino treat recipes this link opens to more incredible and tasty treats for your family.

2 palitaw with buko
(Credits to: Kawaling Pinoy)

What are Palitaw Dessert Pinoy Recipes?

Palitaw or Sweet Rice Cake is a flat, sticky delicacy in the Philippines. Pinoy treats like this are the icon of sticky delights. It is round and flat, but you can shape it into balls to your liking. This wonderful delicacy is made out of sticky rice washed, soaked for a couple of minutes, then ground until it becomes a glutinous mixture. 

Excess water is extracted and shaped into a circular pattern once you have the glutinous mixture for Pinoy treats like this. The reason why it is called “Palitaw” is because of its cooking technique. If you are able to cook it, you will drop the circular-shaped glutinous mixture into boiling water. The moment it lifts, it indicates that it is already done. And floating means “litaw” in Tagalog for Pinoys. 

The cooked palitaw will be submerged and covered with grated coconut and white sugar to combine the sweet taste. Toasted sesame seeds are added as well to add that nutty flavor. In reply to this, you can add nuts if you want something to chew on. 

Everybody says that they already have tasted the incredible Pinoy recipes in the world. But wait until you taste the Philippines’ fantastic part of sticky delicacies. Also, Pinoy recipes like these sites are a remarkable passage to our heritage. Also, its link opens to our vibrant past. 

Ways to Make Chewy Palitaw

(Credits to: Foxy Folksy)

We know that you are excited like us to prepare Pinoy recipes like this. If that is the case, here are some ways of how you can make one in the comfort of your home. There is no technical technology that will make it perfect. However, we made sure to include ways that are available in your kitchen. In reply to queries about the ways of how to make this, here are ways you’ve been waiting for. 


Since most of the kitchens have stovetop equipment available, this is how you will do it—a good tool for those who ask for valuable equipment to use. First, boil water in a deep cauldron. Then, put it in high heat to fasten the boiling time. The moment the water bubbles up, that is the perfect time to drop the galapong.

The moment it floats, it picks it up, drains the excess water, and coats it with grated coconut, sugar, and toasted sesame. Do this again until you are done with all your glutinous mixture. More home cooks say that they prefer cooking using this way. 

Equipment Rating: Ten stars rating. This equipment deserves this rating because Filipino families widely use it, and its ease is to perfection. 

Slow Cooker

Here, it is just like cooking on a stove, only that it works with electricity. This one can be a perfect helpful tool for those in a hurry as you don’t have to watch the heat setting because it is automatic. Plus, most of the family members know how to use it or can use it. 

 Cooking instructions are the same, but watch over if the galapongs will be too soaked in boiling water. It will not go out the way you want it if it is too soaked in water. Those busy professionals say that it is better to use this because they don’t need to watch over it intently. 

 Equipment Rating: 8 stars rating. It deserves this rating because not everyone has this equipment at home, but the ease of use is magnanimous. 

Clay Pot

If you want a local take on this Filipino delicacy, you can use the Pinoy unrated icon for cooking, the clay pot. As a reply to the environment’s cry for a more eco-friendly way, cooking using this is a great help to the environment. You can cook it on a stove or the traditional wood cooking technique if you cook it in the furnace. But if you cook it over a wood fire, it will have that fantastic smoky flavor. It is like a new tab from the web to dive in. Many often overlook it because it is the old way.

The smoky flavor that you will have is not that it will taste like grilled food. Instead, the flavor is just too indescribable that you should try it. 

The instructions are the same for this Pinoy recipe; only cooking ways differ. 

Equipment Rating: 9 stars -rating. If you are not that used or familiar with the cooking profile, it will link you to face a new problem with this recipe. That is the reason for this rating.  

Other Delicious and Yummy Variants and Food Recipes from the Philippines

If you thought that this fantastic dessert/recipe is just plain as it is, well, you can play with new flavors. Check out these fabulous variants/recipes and choose which suits your taste. This is our reply to your queries of what else you can transform recipes like this to. 

Palitaw with Yema Filling

The normal Pinoy palitaw recipes will surely make you crave another bite. But how about we add delicious Pinoy yema filling to it? For sure, it will be a show-stopper—a good treat for your sweet tooth. Once you have a taste of it, you will feel like a website link opens a new tab to explore. 

For the Palitaw recipe, all you have to do is do it the usual way. Then you can shape recipes like this into balls to give space for the yema filling. Or you can use a regular-shaped palitaw, fill the middle with yema filling, then cover it with another palitaw. Next, seal the sides by just pinching them close. It will lock just fine since it is sticky. Then roll it on coconut and sesame seeds. 

Here is how you will make the yema filling:

· Prepare egg yolks, sugar, and milk. 

· Combine all ingredients in a pan. Ensure that there is no pocket of air. 

· Bring it to a boil until it thickens. 

· Cooldown, then adds to your palitaw. 

It is so easy to make this Pinoy variant/recipe that you will love it even more. 

Are you enticed as to why it is called yema? Well, the Tagalog term yema is a Spanish word. It means the yolk of an egg or pula ng itlog. It is because the main ingredient is the egg yolk or pula ng itlog. Since this is just a variant, it is often unrated by some.

Palitaw with Langka

In this Pinoy variant/recipe, we suggest cooking the langka ( Tagalog term) or jackfruit first before combining in the palitaw. Because the firm texture of the langka does not match the soft and fluffy texture of the palitaw, since this is just a variant, it is often unrated by some.

It is just easy to cook this Pinoy recipe. All you need to do is part the langka into thin slices. Then add a cup of sugar, then bring to a simmer. It is done when the sugar caramelizes. 

Shape the palitaw recipes into balls or layer them over each other. Coat it with coconut and sesame seeds. Whichever suits your preference is fine. Once you have a taste of it, you will feel like a website link opens a new tab to explore.  

To encourage you to make recipes like this, we would like to let you know some health benefits. We hope your reply to our encouragement is a wonderful one.

If you are pregnant, having recipes like this would indeed assure you excellent benefits for your baby. It has folate niacin, riboflavin, and magnesium essential for the baby’s growth and your resistance itself. The reply of your body to this beautiful set of vitamins will just be fantastic. 

Moreover, since it is the largest fruit globally, it contains many vitamins compared to apples and apricots. Therefore, it makes it just perfect for recipes like this.  

Also, if you are suffering from constipation, eating langka will aid in that digestive problem. It contains a lot of fiber that will keep you feeling full for a longer time. If you feel full for a long time, you will not have the urge to ingest anything that will add up to any blocks on your intestines. If you keep on eating, your intestines will have a hard time moving everything all at once. Your digestive system will sing as a reply to your care for it. 

Jackfruit also helps those with ulcers as it keeps your stomach from getting any more sores. The sorer that will form in your stomach, the more painful it will get. And it might end up you getting hospitalized, which is not ideal at this time so, if you are getting the minor symptoms already, back it up by eating langka to avoid any worse happenings. 

And we know how those with diabetes are controlling their sugar. We know that it is hard to resist that wonderful flavor of sweet rush. For you to have at least a bite of anything sweet, eat jackfruit first. It is because the jackfruit made it possible for the body to absorb sugar right away. In this way, your sugar level won’t spike way too high in reply when your tongue touches any sweets. 

Moreover, it helps people suffering from high blood pressure, cancer, and skin problems. It may look just like a yellow fragrant fruit, but it is way more than that. The benefits that you can get are way beyond what an apple can give. It is safe to say that a serving of jackfruit a day will surely keep the doctor away from all these good things. 

Palitaw with Buko

In Pinoy recipes like this, you can add the buko (coconut meat) fresh since it is soft and easy to melt in the mouth. Or you can opt to cook recipes like this in sugar as well. It is like a new tab of a recipe from the web to dive in. Unfortunately, since this is just a variant, it is often unrated by some.

Did you know that buko or young coco meat has a lot of benefits? It makes it perfect for this recipe. For example, it has medium-chain triglycerides(MCT) that produce energy from the absorbed nutrients in your small intestines. It also boosts your heart health, ensuring that you don’t get to have those deadly heart diseases. Those harmful illnesses will have no counterattack to this. They will all be flushed out of the body. 

Furthermore, it aids in digestive health. It somehow works as a natural cleanser to your stomach. Also, the fiber in the coconut meat helps in bowel movement avoiding any signs of constipation. Moreover, it boosts your immunity, which is essential now because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. If your immune system is low, you will be very prone to be infected. 

In reply to this, it provides glucose which is the fuel of the brain. Hence, the reason why when you eat coconut, you gain additional energy. 

With all these health benefits from coconut meat, we know this is an excellent reason to use this variant in recipes like this. 

Palitaw (Sweet Rice Cakes)

This version is the original one. Even if we have all available variants, having the original is still one of a kind. In reply to this, it is the easiest to make. Also, the flavor is always perfect, that you can never go wrong in making it. Since this is just the original, it is often unrated by some.

The critical flavor is the sesame seeds. Make sure you toast it well. 


Although this Pinoy dessert/recipe is just a humble delicacy, there is still a lot to know about recipes like this. A lot says that they know recipes like this already, but we have a lot to unravel. Check it out. 

  • You can use glutinous powder for Pinoy recipes like this if you don’t have the time to wait for the rice to grind. It is easier to buy and use as well. In reply to this, you can stock this at home to prepare it anytime you want it. Some say it is easier to mold as well. It is like a new tab from the web to dive in.
  • The trick in using glutinous powder is that you only put adequate water until it forms a galapong-like texture. Then the same procedure as the original one is used for cooking it. 
  • The difference between the sticky malagkit and glutinous powder is that the glutinous rice does not float when you cook it. So you have to check if it is already done manually. 
  • The Pinoy Palitaw made in glutinous powder is softer and chewier as well. But it still comes out as delicious. 

Helpful Tips for Recipes’ Perfect Rating

In preparing this delicacy, there is some advice that you should know to perfect it. 

  • We know that the glutinous mixture is sticky and that it often sticks to the plate. And when it does, it usually leaves more glutinous mixture on the plate than the one that dropped on the boiling water. To avoid this, you can use banana leaves as your plate. Why? The galapong does not stick to the banana leaves, making it easier to slide when dropping it into the water. Yes, we know nobody says a lot about this. It is like a new tab from the web to dive in.
  • Lalaine Manalo says that the key to a perfect texture is the correct water and glutinous mixture (ground malagkit or powder). Lalaine also says that it is better to use measuring cups in measuring the amount of glutinous mixture to be shaped for uniform size. 
  • Combine them in a bowl to easily coat the palitaw with the iconic sugar and sesame seeds. To ensure that every part of the palitaw will have an even amount of sesame seeds. You know the struggle of sprinkling it over it. It will just be put on the same spot, not all around. It is unrated by many since this is just a home technique. 
  • Before you grind the sticky rice, soak it for ten minutes to an hour beforehand. Why? It will grind the sticky rice easier and with just less time compared to those not soaked beforehand.
  • Let the cooked palitaw cool first before covering it with coconut and sugar. If it is overly hot, the sugar will melt.

Make sure to follow these tips to have a fantastic kitchen adventure.

A link opens to yummy desserts by new troubleshooting techniques.

Even the most straightforward preparation faces a lot of struggle as well. But there is a simple solution as well to these kinds of problems.

· If the glutinous mixture appears to be too watery, cover it with a cloth. Also, you can roll the glutinous mix in the fabric to ensure that every part of it gets wiped evenly.

· Same goes when it is ready to serve. If the cooked palitaw is too soaked in water, just wipe it with a cloth before rolling it over to the grated coconut and sugar.   

Best Serve With

We know that recipes like this are amazing on their own, but it is still great if you will pair it up to another fantastic side or meal. Check out the following! You might be amazed as to where it is paired with.

·         Coffee – We know that this is a dessert type and coffee is a morning starter. But we are as surprised as you as to how this goes well together. It can be iced or hot coffee; it depends on your preference or mood for the hour.

To set up the ambiance, here are some of your choices. We guarantee that each of these choices will match up to the fantastic flavors of this floating delight. 

  • Arabica – they are the most expensive coffee and with much better quality than Robusta. It is sweeter and with less harsh taste. 
  • Robusta – They are cheaper because they are easier to reproduce. It also has a strong bitter flavor due to its affordable price—one of the ingredients in making instant coffees and espresso. 

·         Hot Chocolate – the texture of the Palitaw goes well with the vibrant flavor of the hot choco. Plus, it gives a great taste to it.

·         Milk tea – Well, everything goes well with Milk tea! Plus, Filipinos love Milk Teas nowadays. 

·         Nutella – You can spread Nutella over it for a chocolate flavor. The nuttiness from the chocolate will go well with the sticky texture of a recipe like this. The Filipinos are enjoying their meals with Nutella, especially if they crave something sweet. 

·         Peanut Butter – If you can spread Nutella, why not Peanut Butter, right? Don’t worry! The sesame seeds will go well with the peanut butter. And even on the grated coconut as well.

Spare Ribs Kaldereta Since a kaldereta is a pork menu with a strong taste, it will be perfect to have a palitaw to balance your meal. The sweet taste of the palitaw is a good combination if you plan to cook this menu.


The generation we are in right now somehow forgets the unique delicacies at the table that we have in the past. It’s way rooted up to our dark past. It may be dark, but the vibrancy resonating from the Pinoy recipes in the past is fantastic. 

Every bite takes us back to that historic dining table. Every bite makes us remember our ancestors. Every bite makes us think about how our barrios and grandmothers took care of us by giving us the taste of delicious Filipino recipes.

For more delicious recipe, visit Eat Like Pinoy!

palitaw on a plate
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Best Palitaw Recipe

This is a traditional Filipino snack that is made of glutinous rice. This dish is made tastier by white sugar and shredded coconut.
Course Snack
Cuisine Filipino
Keyword Rice Recipes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4 people
Calories 572kcal
Cost $5-20


  • 1/2 kg Glutinous rice powdered
  • 1 cup Matured coconut shredded
  • 1/2 cup White sugar
  • 5 cups Water
  • 1 tbsp Sesame seeds


  • In a bowl, put the powdered glutinous rice. Slowly pour 1 cup of water onto the powdered glutinous rice.
  • If the glutinous rice mixture can be shaped into palitaw already then you don't need to add water.
  • Boil water in a pot and carefully drop each palitaw mixture into the pot.
  • If the palitaw mixture went up it means it's cooked already.
  • Roll all cooked palitaw onto shredded coconut and sprinkle it with white sugar.
  • Serve and enjoy!


Sodium: 24mg | Calcium: 45mg | Sugar: 25g | Fiber: 4g | Potassium: 107mg | Calories: 572kcal | Saturated Fat: 1g | Fat: 2g | Protein: 9g | Carbohydrates: 128g | Iron: 2mg
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