Great Ways On How To Cook This Good Food: The Best Pork Dumpling Recipes

Chinese people have a tremendous influence and contribution in different countries. They have a significant impact on Filipino culture, most especially in the culinary arts. Some of the techniques they adopt are the sauteed dishes, noodle recipes (like Pancit), and rice cakes (like Biko). However, in today’s discussion, we choose to introduce to you these Best Pork Dumplings recipes. 

Filipinos are well known for having a big appetite. They always explore the taste of numerous dishes to make their version of it, just like this gyoza. For them, to have it at its best, serving it steamed is perfect because the fillings of it can seal the hotness of the steam. Therefore you can still enjoy the warm side of these recipes. 

On the contrary, some people use to fry these delightful recipes. They want it to have a great crispy outside texture and soft and flavorful on the inside. Moreover, fried dumplings are more convenient and straightforward to prepare. For them, frying this recipe cannot consume much more time than steaming it. Plus, it is a go-to that you can bring anywhere without worrying about the sauce spilling in your lunch box. 

Furthermore, in Japan and Korea, there is a style in making this gyoza in a pan. First, they steam it in the pan and put some water into it. Then on its way to make, they add the flour and water mixture. They will cover the pan’s lead and wait until the water evaporates completely and leaves a crispy starch at the dumplings’ bottom. 

In that way, you can have a crisp and great texture underneath the dumplings. You can dip it into the soy sauce with chili, and the taste will be unique. But, as Japanese and Korean style, you can try it with soy sauce and wasabi. It indeed gives a kick that you want in your meal. 

On the other hand, upon navigating in this article. We provide information that refers to these beautiful recipes. If you are interested, join us as we offer you different knowledge to understand this recipe more.

What Are These Pork Dumplings Recipes

Generally, it is a broad classification for recipes that comprise a flour mixture (with various starch and flour sources) packed with tasty stuff such as meat, fish, shrimp, cheese, vegetables, chicken, fruits, and sweets. Also, Dumplings have numerous ways to prepare, like steaming, frying, boiling, and baking. You can also find it in many world cuisines. 

pork dumpling in a steamer
Credits to: scum-mag

On the other hand, did you know that this recipe has an excellent reputation in world cuisines? Yes, that’s certain. There are many versions and names in many countries that you can call this gyoza recipe. The best example for that is the Banku and Kenkey version of Dumplings of Africa. People there simply make starchy balls that are from the flour mixture and steamed.

Moreover, Banku is from an equal mixture of fermented corn and cassava flour mix in hot water. It forms into a smooth and whitish paste, served with soup and okra stew, or a pepper sauce with fish. In the preparation of this Banku, you need continuous mixing until it prepares thoroughly. 

On the other side, we have Kenkey. It is also an African version of dumplings that partly boiled and finalized with simmering it in banana and corn leaves. Tihlo is another name that refers to barley balls covered with meat and berbere (a mixture of spices such as chili pepper, coriander, basil, garlic, ginger, rue, Korarima, Ajwain or Radhuni, nigella, and fenugreek. It is the secret ingredient of Ethiopia and Eritrea cuisines. 

Furthermore, in Northern America. They make their dumplings as a pastry type. They are baking it to make. Still, they also boil it and make it a small ball shape and add it to the sweet dishes. Besides, American cuisine is famous for having these baked sweet dumplings. They use fruits stuffed inside the wrapper that frequently use whole tart apples in their pastries. Then they bake it until the color turns brown and the fruit stuff softens. 

Besides preparing these sweet pie recipes, they use dashed sweet sauce on the mixture’s top. These include brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and other spices that complement these recipes’ taste. You can also use strawberries, blueberries, and other berries to make this delicious sweet pastry aside from apples. 

In the distance of Central Asian and Chinese Islamic cuisine, they call their version Manti. They steamed these recipes to cook. Their version contains a mixture of ground lamb or beef with black pepper and then placed inside the flour wrapper. It is cooked in a multi-level steamer and served with butter, onion, yogurt, and sour cream sauce as a garnishing. This gyoza has an excellent reputation throughout Central Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Caucasus, Uzbekistan, and China’s Xinjiang region. 

In Uzbek and Tajik cuisine, they call it Chuchbara. They make these tasty recipes with wrapper without yeast filled with flavored meat. It is similar to Chinese wanton and Russian pelmeni. Still, they eliminate the pork in their meat mixture stuff in observance of the dietary rule. You can serve it on its own with vinegar, chopped greens, tomatoes, and chili peppers, as a dipping sauce. You can also add it to a clear soup as an additional ingredient. 

In East Asia, around 225 AD, a legend shows that the Three Kingdoms’ dumplings start in China. The general and minister Zhuge Liang of Shu Han discards a poison marsh on his Southern campaign against the Nanman with dumplings instead of heads that the Nanman used. Yet, with the mantou, this legend makes an accomplishment.

Notably, in China, when it comes to dumplings, they usually refer to the boiled one. They called it jiǎozi. It consists of a combination mixture of minced meat and finely chopped vegetables as a stuffing piece of wrapper skin. There are some types of skin dough. It can have a thin, elastic, and thicker texture to make these dumplings. 

Usually, the popular filling of their dumplings consists of ground meat, including pork, beef, or chicken. You can also use shrimp, fish, or other seafood ingredients with an outstanding taste in making dumplings. Aside from that, the usually famous mixture is the combination of meat and cabbage, pig’s meat and chopped garlic chives, meat and shrimp with vegetables, meat and spring onions, and garlic chives and scrambled eggs. You can also make your filling combination based on your taste, region, or season. 

Chinese people make these dumplings boiled, fried, and steamed. These recipes are a continuous traditional recipe in which they place coins or candy inside of the dumplings. They do it because they believe that it can bring fortune and sweet life. Mostly, they serve it on Christmas Eve, the night before New Year, and in their family reunions. However, in Northern China, they do it as a farewell to the family and friends. They commonly eat these recipes with a dipping sauce that includes vinegar, chili oil, or chili paste. They also put in some soy sauce occasionally. 

Moreover, in Chinese cuisine, they also make sweet dumplings. It is a smaller lovely bun made with glutinous rice incorporated with peanut, sesame, and red bean paste. They traditionally eat these recipes at the Lantern Festival and on the 15th day of Chinese New Year. They called it Tangyuan. On the contrary, in Southern China, they also eat Tangyuan sweet dumplings with a shaped angle on top. They casually serve it on Winter Solstice, which means that the harvest in the coming year. 

Meanwhile, in Japanese culture, they also have a variety of dumplings. It includes the sweet bun and typical dumplings with meat filling. First, the sweet dumpling, they called it Dango. It is a rice flour that is similar to mochi. This kind of sweets eats year-round, yet it can also serve in a different variation that traditionally eats in some given seasons. Besides, you can have these in a skewer, especially the three to four Dango that you can serve in a skewer. 

The next one is the dumpling that they usually eat as a meal, the Gyōza. It is the Japanese version of the Chinese jiǎozi. You can serve it as boiled and fried. They do it with a dipping sauce like soy sauce and wasabi. Lastly, the Nikuman, considering its appearance, is similar to the baozi of Chinese. It is a yeast-leaved filled bun. That consists of minced flavored meat filling. 

Chinese people steam it as their everyday cooking. You can also have it as a breakfast and snack. Beyond the bounds, Korean people also have a dumpling version that they are proud to introduce to us. Mandu is the name of their version recipes. 

They filled their mandu with ground meat, green onions, cabbage, other vegetables, and glass noodles. They also make a lot of variation in making these dumplings. Besides, it is not surprising that they also use kimchi as an ingredient in these delightful recipes. For them, it adds more flavor and spices to their mixture. 

So, as you can see, this is brief information on what these recipes are all about. Upon navigating, we also provide informative details to learn about the other side of this recipe. We hope you take a glance at these details that might help you prepare your gyoza recipe. 

How to make an Easy Dumpling Wrappers Mixture?

The gyoza will not be more delicious if you don’t have a great mixture of your dough. The texture of the wrapper can also affect the making of these recipes. These recipes’ thinness and thickness are the keys to serve a delightful recipe that everyone can enjoy perfectly. 

pork dumpling wrappers

In this section, we provide some information that will help you to make your dumpling wrappers nicely. It includes the materials and ingredients that you need. It is essential to know the exact way on how to make these recipes to guide you to have an excellent outcome. Below are the materials and ingredients that you are required to have while making these wrapper recipes. It includes the following;

  • Tools – in making the flour mixture, we use an electronic mixer for effortless use. But what if you don’t have that appliance? The answer to that question is your hands. You can use your hands to mix your flour to make your flour wrapper manually. 

The electronic mixer is easier to use, but hands can determine the lack and excess in your mixture. In thoroughly mixing your flour with bare hands, you can feel if your combination is less or extra in water or flour. You can simply add or reduce its great texture in no time.

  • Kind of flour – you don’t need to have expensive authentic Chinese flour in making these dumpling courses. You can use ordinary flour and regular all-purpose flour to create this wrapper. You can use any flour that can create dough wrappers. Especially the flour that you use in making buns and pastries. They have a similar procedure and texture so that you can also use them for these recipes.
  • Amount of water – the amount of water is essential in making these recipes. If you put so much water, it can result in a too soft and not simple to fill with fillings. If you put less amount of water, it can be harder while cooking it. You need to maintain the exact amount of water you place in your flour wrapper mixture to create beautiful, soft, and smooth wrappers for your dumplings. It can also add an appropriate chewy effect to your recipes. 

You can also use hot water to mix your flour. It can provide a soft and straightforward rolled mixture, yet, it is not stuck in your hand while folding your mixture. 

  • Salt – not only for adding more taste to your mixture but also for your flour intermixture texture. Adding a pinch of salt can provide a more elastic surface to your flour mixture.
  • Mixing – is an excellent way of the correct mix is to put together the dry ingredients, then place it in a bowl and make a center hole that can fit the wet ingredients you will put in your mixture. Then, carefully stir the center with a fork and continuously incorporate the small portion of the flour little by little until it thoroughly mixes the entire flour mixture. That way, you can equally blend all the ingredients properly.
  • Kneading – folding your flour intermixture by hands for about minutes needs to perform to give a great texture and consistency. When you achieve the correct smooth and softer texture of your mixture, you can now put it into a bowl and give it a rest for about a couple of minutes. You can give it a rest if you poke it with your finger and bounce it back when you release it—dashed some flour at the top of it to sip the excess water. 
  • Rest – it is essential in making these flour mixtures to achieve the chewiness and smooth texture of your mix. That way, it can sit-in correctly and provide an easy consistency while filling it in with tasty meat and vegetable flavoring. In resting these flour recipes, you need ten to fifteen minutes. You can place it in a bowl and cover with a clean cloth and plastic wrap.
  • Cut – after you rest these flour recipes, you can now cut it into equal parts. The shape depends on you. If you want to have more significance, you can cut it into equal big slices. If you wish to small, you can cut it into small pieces. In achieving the readiness of your flour mixture, ensure that it is as soft as your earlobe. Create a loop shape to cut it equally effortlessly. You can also use small weighing scales to balance the size of your flour mixture accurately.
  • Shaping – the flour mixture’s typical shape is a small circle filled with meat and vegetable mix. When shaping the flour intermixture, you can use your palm to flatten each little piece of it. Then to make it properly, use a rolling pin to flatten the sides of each component equally.

Each of the flour mixture’s small pieces’ correct appearance is thin on the sides and thick at the center. That way, you can quickly seal the filling with the narrow sides, and the dense center part can avoid the stuffing from exploding while cooking.

  • Dusting – to avoid each of these small pieces of the wrappers, dust each of them with flour powder. While flattening other parts, make sure to put the finished ones in the plastic bag to maintain its moisture and to avoid it drying out. You are dusting out some flour while you are stuffing each of it.
  • Storage – is one of the things that need consideration. It’s better to place it in the refrigerator because the temperature is essential for most of the food. Like in this flour mixture, if you do not properly store it, it can produce molds. That is why the coldness of the fridge can contribute to the last of these recipes. You can also freeze this flour intermixture to maintain its usefulness. 

What Are The Ingredients In Making These Pork Dumplings And Sauces Dishes

We already provide you the way on how to make your flour intermixture ingredient. Now, in this section, we include the elements to come up with outstanding flavor and taste of your dumpling sauces and pork dumplings themselves. Below are the following features that might help you to prepare your version recipe. It includes the following;

pork dumpling ingredients
Credits to: Big Walls And Fried Scorpions

For the dumpling stuff:

  • Ground pork – as you know, the primary ingredient in making this dumpling meal is ground meat. It is the easiest ingredient to find in the grocery store. It also complements all the taste of the vegetables and seasonings you can put in your dumplings recipes. As an alternative to this, you can also use beef, lamb, fish, and chicken if you have concerns about pork. 
  • Liquid seasoning – some of the tasty flavoring is a liquid seasoning. It can enhance the taste of your typical mixture. But if you don’t have the required liquid seasoning, you can simply put oyster sauce. As you know, the oyster sauce has an excellent flavor that you can use in any recipes that you want. That is why putting it into our star recipe of the day can level up its savory effect. Plus, it is available anywhere.
  • Cabbage – in making pork dumplings, it is the most useful vegetable. It can provide a sweet taste and a new dimension to your dumplings. It is also available in any grocery store, that is why you can use it anytime you want. It can also balance the saltiness of your filling. It also maintains the moisture inside this dish. As you know, this vegetable has a high amount of water. 
  • Shrimp – is the most common seafood ingredient that we usually see in many recipes. Hence, some of you wonder why some individuals make a dish out of the combination of meat, shrimp, dumpling recipes. Yes, using it as the stuff of your dumplings brings an outstanding outcome. The sea flavor of the shrimp can balance the saltiness and greasiness of the pork. 
  • Cooking wine or mirin’s strong flavor can eliminate the pork’s malodor and the liquid seasoning. This wine also maintains the moisture of the stuff of your dishes. It also adds flavor to your course. While it’s evaporating, it leaves the sweetness of it together with the other ingredients. 
  • Ginger – aside from the other vegetable, you can also use ginger to lessen the pork’s odor. It releases an excellent aroma that can attract you from trying the dish with it. It has a refreshing and zesty flavor that can complement each ingredient you use to stuff your dumpling dishes. 
  • Sesame oil – this oil has a distinctive aroma that has a significant effect on any dish. It also produces a unique taste that complements any dish. It can prevent pork dumplings from drying. It can also add a nutty and rich flavor that can activate your taste buds can keep you from eating more. 
  • Salt – every dish needs salt to add more taste to the recipe. This seasoning also contributes to longer the life of your recipe. As you know, you can use salt to preserve some meat and other food.
  • Ground black pepper – is one of the kinds of spices you put in your dish to add more seasoning. It is also known for being the King of Spice. It can add a kick to your recipe that can boost your appetite to eat more.

For making the sauce:

  • Sugar – is making the sauce. You can also include sugar to balance the taste of your meal. In dipping sauces, it adds a sweetness that can help you to enjoy these recipes.
  • Soy sauce – can add saltiness to your dish. Including it in your sauce can complement the taste of your mixture that you stuffed in your dumplings. It can also bring extra umami to your meal. 
  • Chili oil – as a fan of spicy food, you can include this oil in your sauce. As you know, spicy food can boost your appetite to eat more.
  • Fried garlic – aside from the savory taste of your fried garlic in your sauce, it can bring an outstanding aroma that attracts you from trying any dish. In pork dumplings, fried garlic can add a fresh taste and contribute a lot to your courses’ savory effect.
  • Sesame seeds – if you don’t have sesame oil, you can add sesame seeds as an alternative. It produces a nutty and unique flavor that compliments your dumpling dishes. You can also use it as a garnish in your dipping sauce and your recipes.
  • Vinegar – it can help you to lessen the saltiness of your dishes. Plus, it can offer a refreshing taste that complements your pork dish. It can also eliminate the fishy taste of your meal.
  • Water – you can consider it as the binder of all the liquid seasoning you put in your sauce. It can also lessen the strong taste of each ingredient that you use in making your sauce. Most significantly, the saltiness of the soy sauce and the extreme soreness that the vinegar has. 

Troubleshooting For Pork Dumplings

There are some instances that you need to fix immediately. That is why we are here to give you some remedies that might help you resolve your concerns. This troubleshooting can guide you to prepare your recipes properly. It includes the following;

For the dumpling recipes:

  • Dried-out and out-of-shape wrapper – in some cases, when you are defrosting your flour intermixture, you accidentally deform it out of nowhere. It can affect the shape of your outcome dumplings ultimately. That is why you need to make a move before you make your dishes. 

To fix this problem, you can reshape it all. It troubles some if you push to separate it all at once. It might cause another trouble if you tear it all. That is why the nice thing to do is to reshape it completely.

  • The dish stuck in the pan – For some reason, the recipe stuck in the pan if you remove it earlier than expected. Or it can be the pan is the problem. To give a better solution, you just need to cool it down before removing it from the pan. Afterward, put or spray oil into the pan with the pork dumplings. Then slowly and carefully use a silicone spatula in between the pan and the edges of the dish. Push it gently to avoid it to rip and tear apart before you remove it from the pan. 
  • It is so clingy to each other – considering these dishes to separate from each other is hard to do. The better way to get through this is to let it cool down. Then, add the sesame oil. Similar to the other troubleshooting, carefully use a silicone spatula and push the edges of it. 

For the sauce:

  • Too bland – the sauce makes the dish tastier. If you have a light dipping sauce, you can add more salty liquid seasoning. It can help to add more flavor to your sauce. 
  • Too salty – on the contrary to the bland taste, the salty mixture can affect your dish’s flavor. In that case, you can add more water and add more sugar to balance the saltiness of your dipping sauce. 
  • Too spicy – spicy dipping sauce can boost your appetite to eat more of your dish. But if you put so much spiciness, it can ruin the taste of your food. The better way to lessen that spice is to add more liquid seasoning. In that case, you can diminish it completely. 

Trivia: Nutrients That You Can Get In Pork Dumplings Dishes

Eating food is an enjoyable thing to do. But knowing that you can get a massive benefit from it is an exciting experience, and you can share it with others. This section gives you some trivia to learn more about the nutrients that this dish contains. This nutritional content can contribute to your health, especially in your body. 

These recipes have different nutrients in each ingredient in preparing these recipes. Here are some of it that you can add to your knowledge: 

  1. Ground pork – it is the primary ingredient in making your typical dumplings. This meat contains nutrients that indeed benefit you excellently. You can consider this meat as a commonly consumed red meat worldwide, especially in Eastern Asia. Yet, some religions like Islamic and Judaism forbid the consumption of these courses. 

Still, having high protein accounts and rich in vitamins and minerals, lean pork can be an outstanding addition to your healthy diet menu. It also has varying amounts of fats. 

In 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of this ground meat, you can get the following nutrients:

  • Water: 53%
  • Protein: 25.7 grams
  • Sugar: 0 grams
  • Carbs: 0 grams
  • Fiber: 0 grams
  • Fats: 20.8 grams
  • Calories: 297

The protein content of lean meat by fresh weight, cooked meat is around 26%. When it’s dry, this lean meat’s protein content can be as high as 86%. It is necessary for your body’s growth and maintenance because it contains all nine essential amino acids. That is why eating pig’s meat and other types of meat are beneficial for bodybuilders, recovery athletes, people post-surgery, or others who need to build up or repair muscles.

Moreover, Its fat proportion ranges from about 10 to 16%. Yet, it can be higher depending on trimming. Other factors—the same as the other red meat, pork is primarily composing saturated fats and unsaturated fats present in approximately equal amounts.

For example, in 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of this ground meat, you can get the following fat content;

  • Saturated: 7.7 grams
  • Monounsaturated: 9.3 grams
  • Polyunsaturated: 1.9 grams

However, the meat of ruminant animals like beef and lamb is slightly different from the pork’s fatty acid composition. It has low conjugated linoleic acids and is somewhat rich in unsaturated fats.

Furthermore, given that it is an excellent protein source, it is also a good source of vitamins and minerals. Below are the following additional nutrients that you can consider in having this meat.

2. Vitamin B12 – is somewhat exclusively found in the food of the animal origins. It is also vital for blood formation and brain function.

Also, Insufficient vitamin B12 may cause anemia and damage to neurons. The enough recommended amount of it varies in age, measured in micrograms (mcg).

  • Infant to 6 months age: 0.4 mcg
  • Babies with 7 to 12 months age: 0.5 mcg
  • Children with 1 to 3 years of age: 0.9 mcg
  • Kinds with 4 to 8 years of age: 1.2 mcg
  • Children with 9 to 13 years of age: 1.8 mcg
  • Teen with 14 to 18 years of age: 2.4 mcg
  • Per day if pregnant: 2.6 mcg
  • Per day if breastfeeding: 2.8 mcg
  • Adults: 2.4 mcg
  • Per day if pregnant: 2.6 mcg
  • Per day if breastfeeding: 2.8 mcg

3. Vitamin B6 – is another vitamin that can help you stabilize your health and body, especially in the formation of your red blood cells. Aside from that, it has a lot of benefits. It includes the following nine services;

  • May improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression.
  • May promote brain health and reduce Alzheimer’s risk.
  • May treat and prevent anemia by aiding hemoglobin production.
  • It may be useful in treating symptoms of PMS.
  • It may help treat nausea during pregnancy.
  • May prevent clogged arteries and reduce heart disease risk.
  • It may help prevent cancer.
  • May promote eye health and to avoid eye diseases.
  • May treat inflammation associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

4. Niacin – is also known as vitamin B3. It has a significant contribution to many various functions of your body. 

This vitamin also takes part in your growth and metabolism. It also includes the following nine health benefits that your body needs the most.

  • Lowers LDL Cholesterol
  • Increase HDL Cholesterol
  • Lowers Triglycerides
  • It may help prevent heart disease.
  • It may help treat type 1 diabetes.
  • It may boost brain function.
  • It may improve skin function.
  • May reduce symptoms of Arthritis.
  • It may treat pellagra.

5. Thiamine –  is another vitamin B that has a vital role in various bodily functions. Pork has a rich content of thiamine, unlike other red meat such as beef and lamb. Some of its benefits are the following;

  • It may strengthen the immune system.
  • Improves the body’s ability to control mood and psychological impairments due to stress.
  • It also treats individuals with heart diseases, metabolic disorders, aging, canker sores, cataract, glaucoma, and motion sickness.
  • It maintains a positive mental attitude.
  • It may prevent memory loss and enhance learning abilities.
  • It may fight stress and increase energy.

6. Selenium –  The excellent source of these essential minerals are the animal delivered food, like meat, egg, dairy products, and seafood. Pork is rich in selenium. Some of its beneficial nutrients are the following;

  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant.
  • May reduce your risk for particular cancer.
  • May protect against heart disease.
  • It helps to prevent mental decline.
  • It is crucial for thyroid health.
  • It can boost your immune system.
  • It may help to reduce asthma symptoms.

7. Zinc – also provides a big help for your brain health and immune system. It also presents in red meat, especially in pig meat. Some of its beneficial nutrients are the following;

  • It may regulate your immune system.
  • It may treat diarrhea.
  • It has a significant effect on learning and memory.
  • May treat a common cold.
  • It has a vital role in wound healing.
  • May decreased risk of age-related chronic disease.
  • May affects fertility rate.
  • It can include treating the following:
  • Acne
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Preventing and treating Pneumonia

8. Phosphorus – is a mineral found in many foods like beer, cheese, beans, and fish. Also, this nutrient is a common substance in your everyday environment and your body. It also has a vital role in your bones, muscles, kidneys, and blood vessels, as well as each cell in your body. 

9. Iron – unlike beef and lamb, pork has less iron content. However, the absorption of meat iron from your digestive tract is very efficient. And you can consider pork as a good source of iron.

9. Liquid seasoning is an essential ingredient in preparing various recipes. It can add more flavor to your dishes and bring an excellent savory taste. But for now, we provide some information about the nutrients that you can get in using these liquids. In 20 calories, you can get 1% of RDI. The sodium content is up to 42%. And 1% of carbohydrates.

10. Cabbage is one of the primary ingredients in making this delightful recipe. Using it as part of your stuff can add extra substance to your recipe. It also provides a sweet taste. However, that is not all. This vegetable has various nutrients that are essential to our body. It includes the following:

In 89 grams of this fresh vegetable or 1 cup of it, you can get:

  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Fiber: 2 grams
  • Vitamin K: 85% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Vitamin C: 54% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Folate: 10% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Manganese: 7% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Vitamin B6: 6% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Magnesium: 3% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Potassium: 4% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Calcium: 4% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Calories: 22

Aside from this nutritional fact, We listed below nine impressive benefits that your body might need. It includes the following:

  • It contains nutrients.
  • It may help keep inflammation in check.
  • This vegetable has vitamin C.
  • It may help your digestive system excellently.
  • It may help keep your heart healthy. 
  • May lower blood pressure.
  • It also helps to reduce the level of your cholesterol.
  • It is an excellent source of vitamin K.
  • It is simple to add to your diet.

11. Shrimp – it is easy to find seafood that puts in numerous courses. It can add a delicious and robust flavor to every dish that you can prepare. It has a unique taste that can immensely boost your appetite to the second level when you combine it with pork. However, the fact that it is tasty also contains nutrients that can help you stabilize your health. 

These nutrients include 85 grams or 3 ounces of shrimp. You can get the following:

  • Protein: 18 grams
  • Calories: 84
  • Selenium: 48% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Vitamin B12: 21% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Phosphorus: 12% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Niacin: 11% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Iron: 15% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Magnesium: 7% of the Reference Daily Intake
  • Zinc: 9% of the Reference Daily Intake

However, shrimp has a high cholesterol level that can affect your body if you consume more than enough. Still, it also has an antioxidant.

12. Ginger – is an ingredient that can contribute a lot to your dish. It has a strong aroma and unique taste that can produce a flavorful taste to your recipe. Yet, it has benefits that are good for your body. It includes the following:

  • It contains gingerol, which has potent medicinal properties.
  • It can treat many forms of nausea, especially morning sickness.
  • May help with reducing weight.
  • It can help with osteoarthritis.
  • May drastically lower blood sugars and improve heart disease risk factors.
  • Can help treat chronic indigestions.
  • May significantly reduce menstruation pain.
  • It may help cholesterol levels.
  • It contains a substance that can help to prevent cancer.
  • It may improve brain function and protect you against Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • It also helps to fight infections.


In preparing this dumpling recipe, the only priority is how to fold and steam this dish. This section gives you some tips that might help you make these recipes without pressure. It includes the following:

  • If you are a beginner, you can reduce the amount of mixture you stuff in this recipe. Do it numerous times, and if you are comfortable enough, you can increase the amount of filling. 
  • Seal well the sides of it to avoid leaking, mainly when you boiled it in the water.
  • Don’t overly flour your wrappers.
  • These recipes have different styles and designs. If you can’t make this design, it’s better to start with a simple pattern and small stuff.
  • The homemade wrapper is more advisable and works better. Because you can control and shape your dish based on what you want.
  • Choose the pattern that can suit your way of preparing a dish. An example of that is when you boiled your dish. More stick sides are better to avoid leaking.
  • Freeze them when you are not using it immediately. Because the flour is easy to produce molds and the stuff inside can subside water in an instance. Freezing then can help a lot.
  • Suppose you are not comfortable with your stuff mixture. It’s better to steam some and try it to taste if your flavor is enough and not bland. 

The Proper Way To Fold Dumplings

In making this kind of recipe, the prime preference is the proper way to fold and seal your flour wrappers. In China, many of them need to study and master this method to make sure that they can prepare this kind of recipe. Besides, they consider it as their traditional culture in making foods. Here are some of the guidelines that might help you fold your wrappers correctly to give you some idea. In includes the following:

  • If you are a starter, the better way to make your version is to lessen the mixture you will put in your wrapper. In that case, you can effortlessly fold it without leakage. If you improve your way to fold it, you can now add more stuff.
  • Place the wrappers in your palm and carefully place the meat mixture at the center. Then, apply some water at the edge of the wrapper and stick to one another. 
  • There are a lot of patterns when it comes to making this kind of dish. The most comfortable design is for gyoza. It uses round wrappers to make it. Also, you can make other designs based on what dish you are making with this gyoza. The best example is the pinched edge pork dumplings that work well when you boil it. 

How To Steam Dumplings

Remarkably, most of the people steamed these kinds of recipes. But preparing for this is not as easy as you think. The wrong move can affect the process of preparing this dish. To give you some tips, you can perform the following:

  • You must at least put two inches of water at the bottom of your steamer. In that way, you can avoid your dumplings from sticking to the base. Line the bamboo basket with greens. You can also put it directly in the steamer if you are not using the serving basket. Some individuals put some oil into their stainless steamer to even avoid them sticking at the bottom. 
  • In preparation and place it on the steamer, arrange it with enough distance to avoid it from sticking from each other. Set your fire into medium-high heat to evenly cook each of them properly. You can serve it if the steam inside the steamer releases its heat.
  • If you want to prepare your dish evenly and moist, cover your steamer’s lead with a clean cloth and put your steamer’s cover. In that case, you can collect all the steam and control it inside the steamer and cook your dumplings equally and in less time than the simple steaming time.

Best Served With 

Pairing recipes into another can result in an outstanding result. Therefore, in this section, we provide a list of other recipes that you can try together with our star dish of the day. It includes the following.

beef mami in a bowl
Credits to: Dulichcasino
  • Goto 

Filipinos are a fan of Goto. It is porridge accompanied by pig’s innards. You can have it at its prime when you serve it as breakfast. Most of the fried and steamed food can pair with this dish. That is why gyoza can work well with this delightful recipe. You can also have it when rainy and cold weather occurs. The steam from the dumpling can give you a warm feeling together with the hot porridge.

  • Soy sauce 

It is one of the liquid seasonings used as a dipping sauce in any recipes you want. Its salty taste can complement the plain flavor of the flour wrapper that you serve. It can balance the taste of the stuff and the wrapper that you have. Significantly, the better way to enjoy this dipping sauce is to put some kick into it. You can put wasabi, for example.

  • Gulaman drink

Cold drinks are an excellent way to enjoy your meal. But having sweet and refreshing beverages is better than anything. The presence of the chewy texture of the Gulaman can also boost your appetite. That is why sharing it with your friends and family can give an outstanding result.

  • Lomi or Beef Mami 

It is another Filipino dish that is not easy to resist. This dish also works well with fried and steamed recipes. That is why you can include our star dish of the day as a partner for this meal. The flavor of this dish can complement the taste of the dumpling. The combination of these two can upgrade your feed to the second level of luscious. That is why trying it can give you an additional impression that your family will enjoy. 

  • Chili garlic paste 

If you are a fan of spicy dishes, you can also consider putting this recipe on your list. Many individuals put this into their dipping sauce to add the same tangy flavor to their meals. The chili and garlic combination is an excellent idea to provide a new dimension and additional savory effect to your recipes.

  • Yang Chow 

The better way to enjoy your lunch is to try this gyoza with yang chow. Plain rice works well with saucy recipes but steamed, and fried ones have chemistry in seasoned and flavored rice. These recipes make an excellent match that can ease your cravings.


We hope that this recipe can help you make delightful Chinese inspired gyoza with a touch of Filipino cuisines. We provide information that will guide you to produce your excellent version. Just follow the tips and procedures that we give to come up with this delicious recipe. Besides, you can also take a glace in our troubleshooting to help you resolve the instances that might occur in your time of preparations. 

Moreover, we hope that this recipe takes a reservation in your menu list. You can serve it on any occasion that you have. You can also enjoy and share these recipes with your friends, family, and loved ones. So, what are you waiting for? Give them your version that makes them crave in the entire day. And share the recipes that you learn from reading this article. Enjoy eating!

For more delicious recipe, visit Eat Like Pinoy!

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Superior Gyoza Menu

In making this kind of meal, you need to follow the ingredients and instructions you will give you. We hope that this information can guide you to make your version of this menu.  It includes the following:
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine Chinese
Keyword Pork Recipes
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 350kcal
Cost $5-20


  • steamer


  • 1 lb Ground Pork
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Seasoning
  • 30 pcs Gyoza wrapper
  • 1 cup Cabbage Cut into strips
  • 1/2 cup Chives
  • 1/2 cup Shrimp minced
  • 2 tbsp Wine
  • 1 tbsp Ginger grated
  • 1 tsp Sesame oil
  • 1/2 tsp Salt to taste
  • 1/4 tsp Ground black pepper
  • 6 cups Water for boiling


  • Mash the cabbage. Add salt. Continue to mash until salt is well distributed. Let it stay for 10 minutes.
  • Combine ground pork, shrimp, and ginger in bowl. Mix well.
  • Add cabbage, ground pepper, cooking wine, Sesame oil, and liquid seasoning. Continue to mix until all ingredients are well blended.
  • Scoop 1 ½ teaspoon of pork mixture and place it in the middle of the Gyoza wrapper. Secure the filling by symmetrically folding the wrapper and pressing the edges. You may also press using the tip of a fork.
  • Arrange the pork dumplings on a steamer lined with cabbage leaves. Cover and steam for 10 minutes.
  • Serve with dipping sauce. Share and enjoy!


Calories: 350kcal | Carbohydrates: 5g | Protein: 23g | Fat: 26g | Saturated Fat: 9g | Cholesterol: 122mg | Sodium: 501mg | Potassium: 438mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 111IU | Vitamin C: 8mg | Calcium: 145mg | Iron: 3mg
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