How to Cook the Best Salisbury Steak (Homemade Easy)

Salisbury Steak is a mix of ground beef, bread crumbs, eggs, onion, and water and shaped into oval patties. It is topped with thick gravy sauce. It is constantly mistaken for a hamburger patty or burger steak, but the difference is sometimes, the shape of this dish is almost like the steaks served in restaurants, and as for the hamburger patty, it has a constant round shape. 1888. It was the first year when this dish was introduced. Different recipes are out back then but there is one thing that is constant, they are all delicious! This dish has never been in a comeback or return, it’s always been famous. 

Before constantly delving into its technical aspects, let’s return to the topic that tackles about why is this dish called Salisbury? Have you guessed why it is? As for us, we didn’t even know why it is the name of this dish when we first heard it. It is famous, especially in restaurants. The recipes are all over the town even before. It’s kind of fancy, huh? It is one reason why it is one of the choices of couples and lovers when eating out. Before we forgot mentioning, this is called as it is because of the American physician and chemist named James Salisbury. He was known for his advocacy of a meat-centred diet. According to him, cow’s meat is an excellent way to defend many physical problems. He then added that if eaten with much hot water, it will help people’s digestive cleanse. We don’t know, maybe, is it because his comments on diets and nutrition are on point? There must be a nice reason why the dish was named after him. Nowadays, this dish is constantly served with brown gravy accompanied by mushrooms and white onions. Its ingredients are not hard to find in the supermarket because it has never been removed in history since then. The taste of these recipes and benefits are forever engraved into people’s hearts. 

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Have you ever heard of TV Dinner? TV Dinner recipes?  It is prepared, prepackaged meat, just like any convenient and infant food out there. You only need to heat them and then, voila! Its total time of preparation is super quick. It’s ready to eat! The original TV Dinner came in an aluminium tray just after heating it on the oven. Back in the days, people in the 80s are super attached in TV dinners. One of the most popular TV dinners of that era was this dish, the Salisbury Steak. Hearing TV dinner makes us feel nostalgic, right? It is not a too-modern dish. It is classic. Forever in our hearts. Meaningful. Constant. 

Despite the constant nostalgia that we feel when we just learned this fact, we should also know that this dish is hearty seasoned ground cow’s meat. Let us keep the nostalgia we are feeling towards TV Dinner recipes. The “steaks” you will be making need to be simmered in a gravy that you will also prepare. The grave should have constant consistency. It should not be runny. It needs to be thickened. Other than that, it is already up to you if you still need to put more side dishes. This is heavy enough for the whole family; Fair sufficient to be shared together. 

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Are you excited to learn? If you are not into cooking, we are sure that you are already tired of constantly searching for different food types to prepare. Ground cow’s meat is easy to find in a supermarket so that this will be added to your food list. It is super easy, yet the taste has restaurant-vibe! Among the different gravies that we’ve tried, this one is kind of unique. Its process and ingredients are different. It is better than usual and is a comfort food by many. It is excellent when you want a delicious and yummy dinner despite the busy schedule. Super affordable and even if your family members were picky eaters, we are sure that they will love it. If you are a Filipino, we all know that Jollibee is the all-time favourite fast-food chain here. They will surely ask for this whenever they are craving Jollibee’s Burger Steak. We would call that a win!

So what are you looking for? Let us delve more in this perfect and exciting dish! If you are already cooking, return to what you are doing and focus!

What is Salisbury Steak?

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You only need 30 minutes to 1-hour total time for the dish’s preparation. You need to pay attention to what you are cooking. Return to your pot from time to time and constantly check it. These kinds of recipes are crucial to its time. Why are we talking about their total time when we are not yet mentioning important details about this dish? Okay! First, they are juicy seasoned cow’s meat patties. Since it is from the 80s, even without the internet, it is already famous. Return or comeback? There’s no such thing as that. This dish is timeless.. Now that we have the privileged to have new discoveries just by using the internet, many people have tried and loved this dish worldwide. If you’ve tried this kind of dish in restaurants, it’s now your turn to make your version of it! 

Okay! Now that we’ve talked about Salisbury steak, let’s dive for a lot more information about this dish. It is evident now that this dish uses ground cow’s meat. In terms of its dressing, the grating of onions gives a lot of flavours. You can cook the meat liquid seasonings first then return it when you’re already frying the meat. On the other hand, breadcrumbs are surprisingly essential because it helps the patties be extra tastier and tender. As the saying goes, it is also perfect for serving in a romantic dinner on Valentine’s day.

We already mentioned that this dish was named after a doctor. Aside from that, it still has a name before that. It’s a lot more flavorful and interesting to hear when being ordered. “Muscle pulp of .” It is appetizing to hear, yes, but it’s kind of hard to pronounce. It’s like a tongue twister, though. 

In addition, what is the cow’s part that is mostly used when cooking these recipes? We can really tell that it is the sirloin. Sirloin comes from the rear back of the cow. There are two famous parts of sirlo cow’s meat in the top and bottom. Furthermore, the top sirloin is the part that is way tender than the bottom part. We highly recommend this part to use in this type of dish. This selection is perfect because it has enough plump to keep your seasoned cow’s meat juicy. As a matter of fact, in order to be labeled as Salisbury Steak, the meat should be thoroughly cooked. Of course, you have to be careful as you still need a room for tenderness when cooked with dressing. 

Other confusions from many people, “Is Salisbury steak just hamburger?” The answer is yes. It is a lump of lean meat, just like a nice  burger. Long ago, it was also called as “Hunter Style” because of the fact that this dish uses mushrooms into its gravy. It’s a thing, too, that this dish’s name changed because other chefs ditches mushrooms for the sauce and only uses onion instead. For them, it is already enough to have a juicy brown dressing. 

Aside from that, “Hackbeefsteak” can also be an alternative name. You can call it this way if its original name confuses you. Salisbury is kind of complicated because it was named after a doctor. For others, it is more comfortable to call it this way because it is just named as how it is. It is basically a fake steak for other people. Hack because you can also mix different types of meat when your budget is tight. There are many alterations of these recipes. You can choose a lot of alternatives when you decide what to cook. For that, we will cheer you up. Happy cooking!

It might look intimidating, but when learned, it will be your favourite dish. You’ll just return to it over and over. As the standard plating of this dish, brown dressing and mashed potato is a must, but it depends on you if you want to add more. You should not limit yourself to this dish. Even though it’s look has a fixed vibe that comes along when eating difficult food, you should still try for yourself if your favourite add-ons are perfect with this dish. Think through the food that you like that you imagine might work. Who knows? Your version might be popular, too! Just think of it, hmm, maybe your total preparation is quick, too! Think of your last name, maybe after ten years; there will be a steak or other kind of food that might be named after yours. 

Let us know what you think about this in the comment box below.

Different Variations of Salisbury Steak 

This dish has a lot of alterations. Style variations, ways to twist it up a little bit or different options, name it! It cannot be as versatile as other dishes, but this cannot be limited to only minor things. You can make a lot of difference when it comes to different alterations. The total time are different depending on the style alterations. If you are tired enough, okay, we accept it. Just return to eating instant food from the malls. We are just kidding. Try it for yourself!

Homemade Style Variations

There are different ways to cook this all-time American favorite, and each one brings more flavor and constant texture to the cow’s meat.

Baked Made Salisbury Steak

If you don’t like constantly standing in front of the stove, waiting for your Skillet Salisbury Steak to cook, then the perfect way to cook your perfect dish is to bake them. Mix all ingredients, then place them in a baking sheet and put it into the oven. Once the patties are half baked, you can add some of the sauce and remove the patties until well done. Other than that, baking requires little or no added oil. The original recipes of this dish needed a bunch of butter and a lot of healthy alternative oil. Without oil, the patties have a high opportunity to get burnt. Cooking using a casserole requires effort. It is also needed to check from time to time since you don’t want to burn them. Thus, the baked version is much healthier because this method will not cause any reaction in foods.

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This method needed more seasoning and a few “tweaks” since it was baked. The best catch here is you don’t need to constantly check your dish. When it is already in the oven, it’s now safe. On the contrary, it is tender if cooked in this method. The meat’s flavour has a different outcome, and the complimentary dressing is delicious more than ever! We can really tell that there is something about baking. It is so simple. It can be done entirely in the oven and what you only need is to prepare then wait. Prepare, put in on the oven, wait. The simplest. right? 

The part of the meat that is used here gives you a different option to be cooked. Nonetheless, it is cheaper than any piece of a cow that you will find. You can add that it is one of the easiest to prepare. Its total time preparation is super quick to think that it is steak. When you buy sirloin in batches or bulk, make sure to pick the top cuts. As we’ve said earlier, it is more flavorful than the cow’s sirloin’s bottom part. Everything will be easier if you are careful from the beginning. 

Easy Salisbury Steak Instant Pot

This method is how it is supposed to be but much faster. Want your Salisbury patties to be constantly delicious and well seasoned? We mean, it’s already well-seasoned when cooked the authentic way but when cooking them in your pot is the perfect way to do it. Just dump the patties with your favourite gravy into your pot and wait for it to cook. 

Putting the patties on the refrigerator before using is still optional. When you put them for, we think, 30 minutes first, it’s okay. When it is overnight, it is excellent! It does help the flavour, and the dressing will be reasonably thin. If this dish will be cooked within the range of 30-minutes to 1-hour total time in the original method. With this method, it will be ready in just 35 minutes total time!

(Photo Credits to: simplyhappyfoodie)

This hearty main dish is easy but easier when cooked this way. It is delicious and tasty that you will not forget its taste. Don’t forget the fact that it is fast and now that you will cook it using this method, it is now much faster. Pressure Cooker does really have pressure, huh? 

We’ve been constantly talking about this dish for a long now. You might notice that the components for this dish are quite similar when making meatballs. This dish can instantly be converted into meatballs in no time. Recipes like this have a great deal of variations. Thus, cooking this dish using this method will make it easier and faster. If the patties will be formed as meatballs only, the cooking total time will be reduced for sure. Learning how to make this dish using this method will help you appreciate this dish more. 

Easy Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak

It is way different when cooking skillet salisbury steak. The outcome is mostly the same and constant when cooking with an instant pot.The difference is that the meat is tenderer. If it’s already tender with the previous methods, it will improve more when cooked this way. Also, the cooking process takes longer compared to pot cooking. We guess that’s the disadvantage that you will get. Apart from that, the long total time process pays off in the end. Let’s say you’re doing something on the side; having an alarm clock or even on your phone will help. After constantly waiting for the total time cooking preparation, your ready meal will be easy and convenient to eat. The meat patties will be simmering all day with a rich brown gravy on them. The dressing includes onions, of course. As a result, your dish will be flavorful, and the most important thing is, it’s much delicious and tender since it will be simmered. It means it will be cooked slowly but surely. An abundant amount of dressing will indeed show its perfect taste.

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A plethora of people usually gets confused between Salisbury Steaks and Swiss Steaks. The first one mentioned is a combination of ground cow’s meat in gravy, while the latter dish is generally minute steak with a tomato-based dressing. As its standard method of cooking, cooking in a skillet is the most famous one. In our case, this method is our personal favorite.  In a slow cooker method, you can prepare it ahead of time. It is made at home yet ready when we get home from attending class, work, or even when we are just doing some errands. 

Most of the time, we do not like leftover food because they are being soggy and turning into bad conditions over time. With this method and dish, you are lucky enough because you can still save your leftovers for later. This dish reheats perfectly and can be used as a tremendous messy stuffings in your sandwich or buns. Put some sliced tomatoes and mayonnaise, and your leftovers will not go to waste. It shows that recipes like this  reheats in any condition and freezes well too!

We constantly  love some classic recipes like this one that we just mentioned. It is more remarkable when cooked in a slow cooker so if we’ve not convinced you enough, just try it for yourself! You’re the one who will judge it after.

Variations of a Good Beef Salisbury Steak

Aside from style variations, this dish has a ton of different variants that have a constant vibe on it. Return to this page when you want some tweaks here and there. We are sure that you can’t memorize all of these. Here are some examples of them.

Easy Healthy Keto Beef Salisbury Steak for Dinner: Less plump

This version of the steak is not just healthy and hearty but also a flavorful one, which is perfect for a weeknight supper. Just use ingredients that have low sugar and low salt content. 

Due to the fact that this kind of dish was inspired and named by a physician named J.H Salisbury, a healthier version of it is also famous. He is kind of famous as being a pioneer in the low-carb diet field. The truth is it an excellent way to feed a crowd. You’ll not be guilty afterward. It’s beneficial for our health, anyway. Still, we are sure that this version is not disgusting at all! You will manage to cook them tasty even though it is a healthier version. Many people are criticizing this dish. They’ve said things like it is not a steak at all, it’s just a burger with gravy, the keto version doesn’t have a steak vibe, and all of those bad things. From our point of view, we should not close our doors to other recipes, especially when they are healthy. Chefs, cooks, doctors, and nutritionists are eager to discover food that many will love. They are making sure that by loving some recipes, these recipes will be healthy, too. It has a constant vibe and taste, yes, but the nutrients that are in it are amazing. Pair it with some vegetable salad on the side. You can just return to traditional ingredients of this dish if it does not suit your taste. 

(Photo Credits to: pinterest)

The handful of veggies added into this crockpot meal are all shallow carb options like onions and mushrooms. If you are not into mushrooms, you can omit them and only use the onions for the gravy. The juices that will come from the onions are still good for the dressing to be worth it. Yes, don’t forget about the onions! You hear it right. You can put onions on keto! The flavors taste so good, and it is vital only to chop them finely or grate them instead. This way, the flavor will show easily and effort-free! Another reminder is to try to make keto recipes like Cauliflower mash with eggs, Artisan keto bread, Keto focaccia, Made at home keto cauliflower gnocchi, and many more. Add it on your delicious keto recipes!

Even though there are a few healthier alternatives, nowadays, the options are getting bigger! We’ve tried to cook this and make sure to share it with the few picky eaters we know. The result is satisfying as some picky eaters do really love it! They ask for more and request another plate of these kinds of recipes. Hearing this act, you should open your doors and say hello to this low-carb and gluten-free remake of this dish. It needs to be baked, making this an excellent meal for everyone!

Homemade Beef Salisbury Steak Meatballs with Sauce

These kinds of  recipes are a spin-off or cozy twist on the traditional skillet method kind of recipes. Meatballs are appetizing as they are small and pleasant in the eyes. It is a nice little compromise. They are not overwhelming to look at and eat, of course. Serving them with hearty onion and mushroom gravy seems simple; the sizes of the meatballs matter, though.

(Photo Credits to: pinterest)

A meatball is one of the most served and enjoyed recipes. With this variant, you can enjoy both meatballs and this kind of dish. All ingredients are the same except for the shape, which is round and basically meatballs like. Thus, if oval shapes are nostalgic enough, do you remember eating meatballs with your grandparents? Memories like these are flowing when we hear of meatballs. It is mouthwatering! These kinds of recipes variations are moist and delicious. If you want to add something special, splash some of the tomato paste and brown sugar. Estimate it according to your liking. You can just return to cooking traditional oval shapes when you want to.

Easy Turkey Variant

This dish has a keto variant. Hence, there is also another healthier version! Level up the flavor and its nutritional content by learning to cook this turkey variant. Swap your regular cow’s meat for turkey and see what version you like the most. Replace your traditional “brown dressing” with rich mushroom demi-glace. Nostalgia. We always connect this feeling to our traditional TV supper recipes. Upgrade it and have less fat and calories more than others. Now, try this another variant that promises different emotions and will also pile up in your memory lane. A healthier option is the perfect option! You don’t need to exercise a lot to return the unhealthy food that you just ate. It will just digest naturally. We all know cow’s meat is hard to digest. 

In addition, people will not notice. Don’t tell them that you used turkey before making them try this variation. Ask them how it was. The next time you will know this is their new favorite. This is the version that people will ask the most. We cannot deny that! Sometimes, older people want the healthier version to protect their health. We are a little serious when taking care of ourselves, especially when aging. Yes, it is beneficial, but it is just as good as the traditional skillet type!

Troubleshooting for cooking Salisbury Steaks

Of course, sometimes, no matter how excellent we are at cooking, we still encounter some small failures along the way, especially if it’s our first time trying out the recipes. If we encounter problems while cooking, we hope that you fight the urge to throw them away. Let us fight lessening food waste, okay? With some techniques that we can apply, we can easily escape the problem that we make. Don’t be sad because we all know that when we have mistakes, it does mean that we are trying. There’s always a first time in everything, so try until you perfect something/ As cliche as it may sound, “practice makes perfect.” These are examples of mistakes you might make when cooking this dish with some troubleshooting tips you can follow to fix them. Return to this page when you encounter them. 

Why is my gravy too salty? 

Simply add more water or more broth to it to make it less salty. Ideally, you can put unsalted vegetable or chicken stock to neutralize over troubled gravy. If your gravy’s consistency is quite runny because of the added liquid or water, add some thickener like flour or cornstarch. 

Why is my meat not tender?

Meat’s tenderness is essential as it will attract the consumer’s tongue. If it is not comfortable to eat, the taste and flavor are useless. You can make your meat tender in any method that you choose to prepare. You can use a slow-cooker when you want your dish to be the most tender meat all over the recipes you’ve tried. Nonetheless, the method that you used is not a big deal at all. Try to soak the patty into the gravy for a little longer and then reheat it in a casserole over a low fire to make the meat tender and juicy at the same time.

Good Trivias and Origin of Salisbury Steak

Cow’s meat patties first existed in ancient Roman Recipes that may have dated back as early as the 4th century. The preparation was called isicia omentata. Isicia Omentata was said to be the first burgers to be ever created in history. This name didn’t return nowadays.On the contrary, It is also a baked patty made from chopped cow’s meat seasoned with wine, peppercorns, and pine kernels.

This famous steak originated from America and was named after a physician and dietician named, Dr. James Henry Salisbury, the inventor of the said dish.  He also studied gastrointestinal health, digestion, and nutrition at the same time. It was created during the Civil War as a protein food for American soldiers, who suffered from malnutrition during that time, and the said dish made it possible to keep up with their healthy diet. 

Also, In the 19th century, He wrote ‘The Relation of Alimentation and Disease.’ This doctor believed that this diet would help our health. The diet’s main factor will govern our health, so he created a particular food and diet to help specific patients. Patients suffering from diseases like anemia, colitis, gout, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, tuberculosis, and asthma are the main priorities.

Salisbury believed that vegetables and starchy foods have inadequate benefits on our health. They could produce substances in our digestive system that can cause paralysis and poison to some tissues in our body. These things can result in heart disease, tumors, mental illness, and tuberculosis. Some diseases return even when they are already cured. It is unexpected and they need maintenance in order to be always healthy. His cure for this is the diet that he created. In this diet, it includes eating meat like sirloin. 

Here is the statement that shows Dr. Salisbury’s ‘recipes’:

“Eat the muscle pulp of lean beef made into cakes and broiled. This pulp should be as free as possible from connective or glue tissue, fat and cartilage…..The pulp should not be pressed too firmly together before broiling, or it will taste livery. Simply press it sufficiently to hold it together. Make the cakes from half an inch to an inch thick. Broil slowly and moderately well over a fire free from blaze and smoke. When cooked, put it on a hot plate and season to taste with butter, pepper, salt; also use either Worcestershire or Halford sauce, mustard, horseradish or lemon juice on the meat if desired.”

Good Cooking Tips for Salisbury Steaks

It may seem like cooking a regular patty or shaping ground meat, but there are still some secrets you didn’t know about making the perfect dish in town, return to this page when you’re having a hard time cooking, and the list goes on.

  1. To improve the texture of the patty, choosing the right filler is the key. To have juicier meat, use a wheat-bread mixture instead of bread crumbs.
  2. To even out the patty’s flavor, mixing and molding it thoroughly with your hands is recommended – but of course, wash your hands first very well before mashing the mixture.
  3. To prevent your Salisbury Steak from falling apart, make your mixture, make your patties, then put the patties in the fridge for about 30 minutes prior to cooking them.
  4. After the meat is browned, a delicious gravy is cooked in the same pan using the cow’s meat drippings. The gravy comes together quickly and finishes gently cooking the beef and onions in no time at all.
  5. To prevent the Salisbury Steak from being rigid, include potato flakes, which help keep the steaks tender and moist. The potato flakes are first reconstituted with milk and then added to the ground cow’s meat mixture.

 Best Served With 

There is nothing better than enjoying your dish of Salisbury Steak with one of these side food recipes.Return to this page when you are finding something to pair with this dish. 

  1. Mashed Potatoes —rich and creamy or just simple plain mash potatoes will go best with the flavorful mushroom gravy of the steak.
  2. Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower —if you don’t want carbs, then these veggies are the best pair to go with your high protein meal.
  3. Sweet and Tangy Carrots —dress up carrots with a brown sugar and mustard sauce as a side dish for my New Year’s meal. Garnished with a little bright green parsley, the carrots add color to the supper plate.
  4. Herbed Rice —enjoy this rice dish in the summer with a grilled entree.
  5. Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes —Sour cream and cream cheese add delicious dairy flavors to these potatoes. They can be prepared in advance and are special enough to serve guests.
  6. Fennel Spinach Saute —This is an amazing side dish, but if you slice the fennel a bit smaller, it also makes a great stuffing for chicken breasts or beef tenderloin.
  7. Golden Mashed Potatoes —no gravy with the meat, no problem. This is great to serve in place of regularly mashed potatoes.
  8. Lemon Rice Dish —The lemon zest adds a welcome burst of tang.
  9. Steamed String Beans —no need for any extra seasonings at the table.
  10. Sauteed Garlic Mushroom —These tasty garlic butter mushrooms are so delicious served with steak, chicken or pork. The sauteed garlic is the secret to complete the infusion.
  11. Potato Dumplings —a delightful addition to any feast. The browned butter sauce is marvelous.
  12. Broccoli with Parmesan —One of the best and simple ways to serve with the main dish.
  13. White Beans and Spinach —a skillet cooked side dish from Italy is one of the simplest ways to be served.
  14. Roasted Asparagus and Leeks —we combine pretty green spears with leeks. Crushed red pepper adds a bit of zest.
  15. Cheesy Potatoes —The holidays aren’t the same without them. It’s also a super loved kind of recipes for Christmas morning brunch.
  16. Macaroni noodles, buttered zoodles —These tremendous pasta recipes will leave you licking your plate. Pasta or noodles for some are like an alternative for rice. If you want an extra heavy meal to eat, opt for this.
  17. Vegetable Salad —Snuck lots of veggies in your dish! Recipes like these are refreshing, especially when having lettuce. A perfect set of the vegetable salad paired with this dish is impeccable. It is uncomplicated! 
  18. Cherry Pie, Apple pie —For dessert option, try this!


In a final analysis, this dish is not loved by many just because a doctor suggests it. Its taste also has an outstanding contribution to why it is famous. It just happened that with the help of a doctor’s discovery, some health-conscious out there really delve into making and eating this kind of dish. You can also add that it is a heavy meal, it is worth it to cook! These kinds of recipes also reminded us to take care of ourselves. We cannot always rely on some pre-packaged, convenient, ready-made, and instant foods. We should watch out for the food we consume. It also depends on our everyday choices. With that, we want to end this by saying, “Happy cooking and take care!.Smile and return to our website when finding something to cook!”

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Best Beef Salisbury Steak Recipe

Course Main Course
Cuisine Filipino
Keyword Beef Recipes
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 573kcal
Cost $5-20


  • 1 lb Ground beef
  • 1/2 tsp Ground black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 cup Bread crumbs
  • 1/2 cup Butter
  • 1 cup Mushroom cut into strips
  • 2 tsp Flour
  • 1 cup Beef stock
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 cup Water
  • 1 tbsp Garlic powder


  • In a bowl, season the ground beef with pepper, garlic powder, salt and breadcrumbs.
  • Then pour-in the Worcestershire sauce. Mix well.
  • Scoop around 4 tablespoons of mixture and roll into a ball. Flatten and place in a clean plate. Set aside.
  • Heat butter in frying pan. Then fry the beef over low heat until brown. Remove from the pan, set aside.
  • In the same pan, cook mushroom and stir for 5 minutes.
  • Then put the flour and cook for another 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, gradually pour the beef stock and water. Stir continuously until it boils.
  • Then add the cooked beef and simmer for another 10 minutes.
  • Serve while hot. Enjoy!


Calories: 573kcal | Carbohydrates: 15g | Protein: 24g | Fat: 47g | Saturated Fat: 23g | Cholesterol: 142mg | Sodium: 834mg | Potassium: 583mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 709IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 61mg | Iron: 4mg
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