How To Cook The Best Binatog Recipe

Street foods are very famous in the Philippines; it does not pick a season. Street foods have been one of the all-time favorite snacks of the Filipinos. Want more of one of the perfect street foods and snacks you can make? Then let’s find out more about the perfect Bualaw Recipe.

It has always been hard for us to think of a satisfying and delicious snack we can eat during our merienda. Suddenly, you’ll hear a man on his bicycle with a bell and a large pot, shouting “Binatog! Binatog!”. That’s the perfect time for you also to shout “Binatog!”.

However, not all the time there is an available Bualaw you can buy on the street. So here we prepared for you the perfect Bualaw Recipe that you can make at home. Enjoy and make your version of a mouth-watering Bualaw.

What is Bualaw (White Corn Kernels)

Credits To: Jun Belen

Binatog or Bualaw is a Filipino boiled snack- dessert made from dried mature waxy corn kernels. In this method, the bi-color corn kernel is a very important ingredient. We always have it during merienda, usually glazed with freshly grated coco palm and mixed with salt. 

It is usually sold in the streets by a “magbibinatog,” together with his bicycle with a sidecar, bell, large pots, topping ingredients, and the most important of all, his throat for shouting.

This snack originates from the Philippines, specifically in the Northern provinces, perfectly served when hot or warm. 

Hence, talking about this method might make your mouth- water, and you quickly want to figure the perfect Bualaw Recipe to use. Let’s figure it out.

Ways to Cook a Perfectly Boiled White Corn Kernel with Coconut and Sugar

Credits To: Casa Baluarte Filipino Recipes

Boiled Bualaw is the most common way to cook this recipe. But before boiling the white maize kernel, make sure to put it in saltwater or water until the ears of the kernel fall off. After washing the kernels, place it in a large pot, then boil it in water until it bursts open and soft. 

It is advisable to boil it using fire fueled by wood, as it takes a long time to boil the kernel. As the bi-color corn kernels puffed, it is perfectly seasoned with salt and glazed with grated coco palm.

Fried Binatog

Although not commonly known, another way of cooking a bi-color corn kernel is to fry it. Ingredients and procedures are very- alike, aside from having your white maize kernel boiled. 

Instead of using large pots, the use of a large frying pan is necessary for this method. From frying, you will notice the crispy texture of the kernel. With the use of butter in frying, it will give a more delectable taste. 


If you want to conserve your white maize kernel color, taste, and texture, use a steaming pot. However, this process does not guarantee a shorter period of cooking. 

With the same ingredients and preparation, properly put the pot’s kernels and wait to steam. The high temperature will help speed up cooking, but make sure to follow the set time.


Baking might be the slowest cooking method that uses dry heat, but baked bi-color corn kernels might give us an unexpected taste. With the same ingredients and preparation, bake the kernels with a little bit of spread- butter on a tip under 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baking the bi-color corn kernel will be able to bring out the richer taste of it. It will surely be able to give an amazing new taste.

Other Delicious Variants of Good Binatog Recipe

Boiled White Corn Kernels, known for having a dull taste, will discover different Bualaw recipe variations and achieve a more delicious and richer taste. Let’s customize our taste of Bualaw.

With Condensed Milk

To give a new taste of Bualaw, they have tried condensed milk instead of salt. To bring out the new sweet taste of Bualaw, slightly put an opening on our condensed milk, slowly drizzle it on the tip of the white maize kernels in a circular motion. Of course, together with the glazed freshly grated coco palm.

With Cheese

Not in the mood to eat a sweet-tasting Bualaw? Another variant to try is using cheese. In a bowl with your Bualaw and grated coconut, add the grated cheese on the tip and add a little bit of cane juice crystal. We expect this method to give a richer taste, balancing the sweetness and saltiness. 

With Gata

Suppose you want to try a creamy and sweet taste of Bualaw. This method with gata is perfect for you instead of cooking the bi-color corn kernel in just plain water, coconut milk, or gata

The bi-color corn kernel will absorb the rich and nutritious taste of coconut milk, perfectly paired with the grated coco palm, and either you add salt, sugar, cheese, or condensed milk.

White Corn Kernels (Maize) Calories

Calories: 130 calories


Ever wonder why it is sold outdoors by vendors riding in a bicycle with a sidecar instead of putting up a stall. Bualaw is more delicious if you eat it while it is still hot than having it cold while having a merienda. 

Mangbibinatog has a specific time to sell their product. Since Bualaw is very rare, every person in the community awaits to hear a shout of “Bualaw.” The purpose of riding a bicycle is to be able to roam around the whole community. And it is a bit waste of money to rent a stall or place.

Tips for Improved Recipe

To improve your method, make sure to follow the steps precisely. Listed below are some other ways to improve your perfect Bualaw Recipe:

  • Make sure to buy fresh and outstanding quality bi-color corn kernels.
  • Cook the white maize kernels for their exact set time. Do not overcook.
  • Add a little bit of seasoning while cooking the kernels to add up in the taste.
  • Use freshly picked and grated coco palm. Check if it does not taste sour and still okay for use.


 Recipe with different seasonings or tastes, it is hard to distinguish the perfect taste you want. Therefore, we share with you these different strategies to remedy your method.

  • If it turns out to be too salty, add a sweetener to balance the taste.
  • If you added too much sugar or condensed milk, and your Bualaw tastes too sweet, try adding cheese to neutralize the flavor.

Best Serve With

Since Bualaw has different kinds of tastes, some other delicacies and drinks can perfectly match it. Here are some:

  • Coffee– this is perfect for drinking in an afternoon and matching with the salty or sweet taste of your Bualaw
  • Calamares– when you have your Bualaw sweetened, it perfectly matches with the salty taste of calamares
  • Maruya Saba Banana– it is a perfect set of food to eat during merienda


Binatog, a must-try snack- dessert if you crave something tasty, salty, sweet, and creamy. It has a trademark taste even when you add different variants.

Luckily, there are still a lot of Bualaw vendors that will satisfy your craving. But don’t worry if you’re not able to catch up with the vendor. With this simple method, you can make your version of the perfect Bualaw Recipe that will surely suit your taste.

What’s keeping you from doing your version of Bualaw? Hurry up! Make this method and fill out your and your families’ stomach with this wonderful and delectable Bualaw.

Best Binatog Recipe

A classic Filipino snack that is made of corn top with grated mature coconut. This is usually served during snack time and sold by street vendors.

  • 1 1/2 cup Corn (dry)
  • 1/2 cup Agricultural lime
  • 1 tbsp Salt
  • 2 cups Matured coconut (grated)
  • 15 cups Water
  1. Corns should be washed 3 times and corns that will float on the water should be removed.

  2. Transfer into a pot and pour 10 cups of water. Bring to boil then add the agricultural lime. Boil for 2 1/2 hours.

  3. After 2 1/2 hours, washed the corn 5 times and then transfer again into a pot, add 5 cups of water and bring to boil over low heat for 25 minutes.

  4. After 25 minutes, add salt and boil for another 5 minutes.

  5. After 5 minutes, check if corns are soft already if so, you can now transfer it into a bowl, top it with fresh grated matured coconut.

  6. Serve and enjoy!

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