How To Cook The Best Homemade Siomai Pork Food Recipe

Siomai menus have become an undeniably well-loved viand or recipe snack of Filipino. Streets are always jam-packed with vendors selling different versions of these delectable dim sums, not mentioning the restaurants serving it. So, the quest of the day is to figure out how to create the perfect Dumpling.

The dim sum has become a standard fixture in Filipino cuisine. We almost thought it originated from the Philippines. It is proven by students and employees eating this during their breaks. 

You will also find out the origin and the other cooking styles and variations Shumai has to offer. So, read on and take your notes.

What Are Siomai Recipes

The best homemade Siomai is a kind of Dumpling enveloped in a soft, melt in mouth wrappings outside. It is a stable bite on the inside. It’s like an experience riding a horror train (excluding the “horror”) where it is innocent and gentle at first, but once you enter the inside, you’d be screaming for more.

delicious siomai with calamansi and soy sauce
Credits to: Naizingi

As background, many believed this cooking dumpling originated in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, around 1368 – 1644 and 1644 – 1912 in between the Ming and Qing dynasties. This menu was considered before as side dishes or secondary status in teahouses. However, it was popularized when the merchants from Shanxi brought this to Beijing and Tianjin. 

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Shumai is the same Dumpling wrapped in wonton filled with either ground pork, beef, or shrimp. The filling is supplemented by extenders such as carrots, green peas, and garlic.

Ingredients On How To Make The Siomai Dipping Sauce

The gravy is what gives this delicacy a punch of flavors and zest. Its main ingredient is soy sauce, which can vary in flavor depending on the brand used to create it. 

siomai with calamansi and sauce on a plate

Asians love dipping dressings. Whatever recipe on the table, there would always be variants of dips where they can dunk chunks of their bits to eat. We will explain the components that you should use when making this dumpling dipping gravy.

Hopefully, at the end of this article, you will learn how to prepare Shumai dips from scratch to sophisticated ones without batting an eye.

  • Toasted Sesame oil – This can be considered a must for every dip with soy sauce. The two go so well together, plus it adds a nutty fragrance to the mix. Ensure that you use just enough as it can overpower the dumpling recipe.
  • Homemade Chili Oil – almost every Asian can tell you that chilis are essential to any recipes. They have a penchant for heat in their recipe.
  • Chinese Black Rice Vinegar – The excellent aroma you can use in the dumpling recipe. You can use balsamic oil if you can’t get a hold of this. But keep in mind that it doesn’t have a substitute.
  • Soy Sauce – If you use soy sauce as your dip base, choose a low sodium one, or you can adjust the salt in your dumpling filling.

Here is some gravy you can prepare for your Dumpling.

  • Spring Onion and Oil Dip –  The aroma from the spring onion and the hot oil extracts will give this dip a savory fragrance with a hint of sweetness, a delicious and easy appetizer to prepare. 
  • Ginger and Vinegar Dip – to prepare this dip, combine black rice vinegar, honey, ginger(julienned), and dill for extra flavor.
  • Sichuan Dumpling Dip – this dip is a delicious combination of spiciness, sweetness, and saltiness. If you are a hot recipe lover, then this one’s for you. You will need a mixture of garlic, minced, homemade chili oil, Sichuan spiced sweet soy sauce, Spring onion, and finely chopped to prepare this.
  • Garlic and Vinegar dip – This dip involves sauteing minced garlic in hot oil to increase the garlic’s aroma and lessen the spiciness. 

Different Varieties Of Siomai To Make

There are also varieties of Dumpling, which you may want to try. These mostly differ in the choice of cut to use for fillings. Keep in mind that dissimilar types of meat yield a distinct duration in cooking. 

With this list, you can pre-made ahead so that you have something stored in the fridge. This keeps it convenient for you to pull out over weekend lunch, dinner, or an emergency snack.

Pork Siomai

yummy pork siomai with sauce on a large plate
Credits to: Leen Chak N. Yan

For you pork lovers, this dumpling filling will burst in your mouth. Thanks to its fats, it can have the flavors extra tasty, so take advantage of the fat. Pork is not as expensive as beef, so it is an easy pick for filling and the second flavor amongst the three meat choices in this list. 

Pork siomai has always been one of the comfort foods of the Filipinos. They often eat this during breaks, whether you are a student or a working professional. Some would even claim that Pork siomai has been their partner in surviving every day when they are financially unstable. Furthermore, it is an excellent business because of its minimum capital requirement and a superb investment factor return. It never goes off in the market as well. 

All thanks to the magic of this recipe. It has saved someone’s pocket from being drained of all expensive meals. Thanks to the greatness of this meal, it can be someone’s source of income to feed someone’s stomach for the day. 

Pork can be delicious but high in bad cholesterol. So we suggest you use an extender like tofu or veggies. Pork is also one of this recipe’s most popular variants because it is widely available at any shop. Pork meat is straightforward to manage as well when it comes to flavorings. 

Chicken Siomai

delicious chicken siomai

Chicken Dumpling can quickly do without worrying about cooking time as the meat is fast to cook, incredibly when grounded to pieces. It is probably one of the healthiest choices here if you ever use the breast part’s white protein meat. 

We agree that there isn’t so much meat we can get from the chicken than the pork and beef, but it is one of the cheapest meat and the leaner, so it’s having the greatest of both worlds. 

Chicken meat also opens an excellent option for those who don’t eat pig meat or beef. The flavor will differ, but with the power of adjusting the elements, it will be par with the other type of meat. 

It is also great for those who want to have a lesser take on proteins. Chicken has a distinct flavor as well, which is great for steaming. 

Beef Siomai

delicious beef siomai on a siomai plate

This is probably the most expensive type of meat among the three, but perhaps the most fragrant and luscious. Beef will give that delightful experience when you bite into it. This version is so easy, primarily when you use a food processor. 

Beef takes some time to cook, so by putting it in the mixer, it’s going to break down to tiny shreds that mean less cooking time, or you can use sirloin or flank for a short time cooking. All the components are the same except for the meat. 

This variant is very rich in protein. There is no need to worry about eating almost ten pieces of this Dumpling because it will have you full. Also, it is excellent for sharing with friends as a snack or during bonding moments with family.

Keto/Low Carb Siomai

keto siomai in a siomai pan
Creddits to: flickr

If you are a Chinese recipes lover and yet scared of carbs, this paleo, keto Low Carb dumpling variant is for you. It is easy to prepare and will please your taste buds with exploding flavors. As famously known, the ketogenic diet is a type of recipe that is very low in carbs but high in fat. 

Even if this is a Keto/Low Carb meal, you can still add some meat for a better experience. You can use shrimps or chicken for a distinct depth of flavor. Shrimps gave a very distinct flavor that went well with this recipe. On the other hand, chicken meat has been the savior of all under the keto and low carb diet.

This version will give so much happiness to those who want to enjoy Chinese recipes. This variant will have you ask for more.

Vegan Siomai

siomai made of vegetable in a large bowl

In this variant, tofu will be used–the holy grail of every vegan, in place of meat. Are you ready? This variant opens a new horizon to vegans because they can now finally enjoy the recipe that is initially not within their reach. Don’t worry, and the flavor would still be flavorful and delicious. To make your vegan Dumpling, you will combine a heart of palm, tofu chicken (drained and crumbled), potato into the mixture together with extenders. Follow the same step as what we did on the rest of the version. Serve hot.

Food Recipes Troubleshooting Techniques

We have listed down some of the problems you might encounter while cooking this delectable recipe.

So, when it happens, you won’t panic because you’ll know what to do.

  • Wrappers were sticking on the Steamer –  This often occurs, primarily when you use a not so suitable wonton wrappers. To prevent this from happening, put oil on the steamer OR put a paper towel before placing your Dumpling. 

Also, this happens when your wrappings are wet. It often gets wet when your wrappings are chilled in the chiller with shallow temperatures. Ensure that your wrappings are freshly made or maintained at room temperature. 

  • Wrappers became soggy – to prevent this from happening, use a towel cloth or paper towel before covering the steamer with the lid. In this case, the towel will absorb the steam’s water and won’t fall on the wrapping.
  • Too salty mixture. – if your meat mixture turns too salty, you can have your dip sour neutralize the saltiness. Another thing to do is add a little bit of flour to remove the filling’s excess salty flavor. 
  • I can’t understand the flavor- if this happens, it must be that you have put too much amount of each ingredient. Remember that each element of this recipe is a potent spice, so take little amounts of everything first until you have tasted your mix, and it matches your desired flavor.

Trivia: Benefits of Siomai Ingredients

Recipes similar to this, even though it comes in a bite-size, are packed with many nutrients. Dumpling components come with a massive amount of protein, anti-inflammatory properties, calcium, and carbohydrates.

This recipe is famous for a steamed dish. Did you know that steamed menus are healthy? One benefit of having this steamed menu is that it does not need grease to be done.

 The heat of the steam will naturally well do it. Another benefit is that there is no waste in steaming. For example, in other ways of preparing menus, frying, or simmering, it will be overdone whenever you leave it on a raging heat. Hence, there will be no use for that burnt menu. Dissimilar in steaming, even if you go on steam, it will not be overdone. 

Moreover, steaming does not affect the flavor and nutrients of the meal. Unlike other preparation methods, it seals the component’s nutrients, not cooking it away from the elements.

Top Tips: How To Perfectly Wrap Siomai

Dumpling wrapping is easy to find. It comes in a square and circle shape. We suggest you buy the circle one because it holds and fits the filling snugly enough without being too bulky. Another tip we can give is if you can’t find around wrapping, you can always use the mouth of glass as your stencil. Cut the square wrappings with it, and voila, you have your round wrappings!

Probably your next question is how to wrap the Dumpling in a good way. Take a heaping in a tablespoon and put it in the middle of the wrapper. Mold it and gently tap the bottom on the plat for it to flatten out. 

There are three types of folds that you can do with this menu to have it more presentable. The following will guide you on how to warp your dumplings in many ways. This will also help you choose which one is more doable on your skills. 

  • Crescent Fold

To do things faster:

  1. Prepare everything that you will need before proceeding to wrap.
  2. Ensure that you have your wrappings ready.
  3. Ready your filling, warm water, and a clean space to execute the method.

A clean cutting board will do. 

Start by lying your wrapping on the board. Then, fill an ample amount of filling. After that fold, both sides overlapping each other to form a crescent shape. 

  • Four corners fold

Prepare the same thing as the crescent fold. The only difference will be the way of folding the wrapping. Once you have filled the wrappings, fold it in a triangular shape. Hold it upward, then fold the other two sides in a triangular way as well. Hold all four sides upward, then slightly pinch to seal the filling. 

  • Hong-Kong style fold

Prepare the same thing with the first two folds. Here, you will need to form a ring using your thumb and index finger. Then put the wrapping in between the rings that you made using your fingers. It should look similar to a sack or purse for you to fill in. Then fill in an ample amount of filling. Lastly, enclose the wrapping by sealing in the upper part but leaving a crown similar to a pineapple head. 

Whatever fold you prefer, it will not mar the flavor of this menu. This will showcase your creativity in presenting menus similar to this. It may seem so simple, but you will love this menu even more once you execute it from scratch. Concerning this, your family will love it even more once they know that it is you who have prepared the dish from scratch. 

Greatly Served With

Since this recipe is a good bite-sized one, it is perfect to match it with some recipes that go well with it. Here are some recipes that are an ideal tandem for recipes similar to this. 

  • Calamansi and soy sauce – these combinations make the most typical of dippings, and it’s just perfect for your Dumpling dip.
  • Gulaman/Samalamig – If you are a Filipino, you can probably relate to this pair up. Cold iced Gulaman is perfect after you have consumed all the Dumpling on your plate.
  • Soft Drinks or Iced Tea- Filipinos love this menu’s flavor paired with any carbonated drinks or Iced Tea. These beverages remove the spicy flavor of toasted garlic and chili, the major garnish of this menu. 
  • Goto o Arroz Caldo – Such a joy to put it on top of rice porridge! Give it a try. You can also have it as your side recipe! Garnishing it with chopped spring onions and toasted garlic will make it even more delicious. 
  • Pancit Bihon  – There’s no question about it. You can ditch putting meat in your Pancit and use your homemade Dumpling instead.
  • Fried Garlic Rice – Dumpling can also be served as a viand. So go ahead, make yourself fried rice, and munch it with these beautiful and delicious dumplings!
  • Nido Oriental Soup – the creamy texture of this soup matches the soft texture of this menu. Imagine slurping the soup and biting the Dumpling in gloomy weather. This will surely calm your nerves even more. Furthermore, it is a perfect example of a comfort menu. 
  • Instant Noodles – This combination is scarce. But believe when we say that this is a great combination. Just prepare your noodles the usual way, then submerged the Dumpling in the soup. As you can imagine, this is a very significant way of enjoying your instant noodles. 


Have we satisfied your queries about Dumpling? We hope we did! So don’t forget to be creative and a little adventurous when you cook. Try other ways, and who knows, you might invent a new method! We hope we guided you on how to prepare dumplings in the most fantastic way possible. 

We don’t just provide many methods to satisfy your craving, but this can be a sign for you to start a small business using this simple menu that everybody loves. No one can resist the flavorful magic of this menu when you serve it on your table. Everyone will surely dig in and will ask for more. 

So what are you waiting for? Buy all the components right away and start assembling your version of this menu. Enjoy!

For more delicious recipe, visit Eat Like Pinoy!

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Best Homemade Siomai Recipe

Once you think of eating something soft and delectably savory, this menu will automatically pop up in your mind. Whether you like it as a snack or as a partner for your rice, it will surely make your stomach happy.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Chinese, Filipino
Keyword Appetizer Recipes, Pork Recipes
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Servings 4 people
Calories 384kcal
Cost $5-$20


  • 1 lb Ground Pork
  • 1/4 cup Shrimp minced
  • 2 tbsp Sesame Oil
  • 1/2 tsp Ground Black Pepper
  • 1/2 cup Onion minced
  • 1/4 cup Carrot minced
  • 1/2 cup Mushroom minced
  • 1/2 tsp Salt to taste
  • 1 pc Egg scrambled
  • 8 cups Water
  • 1 pck Molo Wrapper


  • In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients except for the water and wrapper then mix thoroughly.
  • Wrap all the meat mixture in Molo wrapper.
  • Using a steamer, steam the wrapped siomai for 30-40 minutes.
    Note: The time depends on the size of each individual piece (larger size means more time of steaming).
  • Serve hot with soy sauce and calamansi or lemon dip. Enjoy!


Calories: 384kcal | Carbohydrates: 3g | Protein: 22g | Fat: 31g | Saturated Fat: 10g | Cholesterol: 103mg | Sodium: 450mg | Potassium: 418mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 1336IU | Vitamin C: 3mg | Calcium: 50mg | Iron: 1mg
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