How to Cook the Best Pulled Pork Recipe

Everybody loves barbecue, but who doesn’t? It became a part of every Filipino’s occasion, be it chicken, pig’s meat, or beef. You cannot also go to a picnic, pool party, and swimmings without a barbecue. But aside from the traditional barbecue, we used to have during our childhood days, and there are different variations of barbecue and barbecue dressing that we could make and one of these is the pulled pork recipe which you would surely like!

Pulled pork is a version of a barbecue where the meat is shredded. The meat is traditionally slow-smoked over wood, usually outdoors, and once the meat is done, it is shredded manually and mixed with a dressing. The mixed spice brings a lustrous taste that would make you crave for more. So what are you waiting for? Constantly read over, and you’ll suddenly feel the need to have a pulled pork dinner tonight!

Origin of the Best Pulled Pork Barbecue Recipe

Pulled pig’s meat is an American barbecue recipe focused on shredded barbecued pork shoulder, specifically a Southern U.S. recipe. And before delving into the

The pig, one hundred years before the Civil War, was a staple of southern cuisine. Plantation owners would release pigs into the woods to graze for months, knowing that they could easily be hunted when food supplies were at a constraint. These pigs were semi-wild and a little rugged, but they held and ate all parts of the pig.

During the roasting of these semi-wild pigs, they developed festivals and other gatherings. From these gatherings, the famous Southern barbeque/BBQ constantly evolved. The pig has become a proud staple of southerners over time, and more effort has been taken to fatten the pig and marble it. The Southerners did not sell pigs to the north, but they were an exclusive food supplier to the south for these marbled pigs.

And here is where there is something we have constantly learned. We thought we knew the origins of the term “pulled pork.” When it is totally done and properly BBQ’ed (barbequed), you “pull the pork” apart, right? This is incorrect. The plantation owners were going to have these huge /barbeque/BBQ festivals before the Civil War. They would give the cheap, severe cuts to prepare the slaves in the total time.

They learned to prepare these cuts over coals at a slow pace. The slaves were typically so hungry that when the pork was done, they would “pull the pork” off the coals and could be easily pulled away from the roast.

Ways to Cook a Good Pulled Pork

The process and ways of preparing this pig’s meat have constantly evolved from being just slow-cooked or slow-smoked over wood through time. It has also developed as it became known worldwide, and the versions of pulled pig’s meat have been based on where the country it was being prepared.

All of the recipes that we make reflect the traditions that we have, and because of that, there are many different ways and means on how to make the superb pulled pig’s meat that you cant avoid.

Crock Pot Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe

Credited to Sultan

Today most people constantly create their version of crockpot cooker pulled pig’s meat. Using a crockpot is a more convenient way of slowly cooking the pork without having to make this outside using wood. Also, the crockpot makes the pork more proportionally tender. Also, marinating the pork isn’t necessary.

This Quick Crockpot Cooker Pulled Pork is an easy favorite for the family! Let the crockpot do all the work, and then pile on crusty buns this pulled pig’s meat and top it with some fresh homemade coleslaw for a recipe that everyone craves! Crockpot pulled pig’s meat is great for Sunday dinner, tailgating, or even slider buns or stacked on top of baked sweet potatoes for parties!

Now you could maximize your great day by doing other things while making a sumptuous dinner. It Crockpot cooker pulled pork is superb for a working mother, busy career man or woman, or just for a stay-at-home person who wants to do nothing! As easy as that, even during those busy days, you should have comfort food that you can not check from time to time what you are preparing.

Instant Pot Pulled Pork Recipe

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There’s no better way than using a great marinade to make daily food sparkle a little brighter and taste a little bolder. You can dump the store-bought stuff and make your own with ingredients that are already in your pantry once you’re familiar with the basics of marinating.

Compared to crockpot cooker pulled pork, you need to marinate the pork to make it tastier. This is also a faster and more convenient way of slow cooking your pulled pig’s meat. Making your marinades helps you to monitor what you put in them, which is much better than purchasing from the shelf a container of something that may contain questionable ingredients or unnecessary calories.

Great Benefits of Marinating Pork

Texture: The pork will melt in your mouth when you marinate it. Marinades soften leaner meats that tend to be dry and make harder cuts tastier.

Moisture/Tenderness: Marinating is a great efficient way to inject additional moisture into pork that, when grilled, can get too dry and make what you marinate more tender. You may know that bringing relies on salt to do its job, but using vinegar, fat, seasonings, herbs, spices, sugar, and salt to not only tenderize but improve the flavor of the food you make is so much more than that, a marinade.

Taste/Flavor: You can get super creative here! There are countless ways to make your personalized marinade perfect for all sorts of cuisine out there. You can add a great boost of taste to ordinary meats and vegetables with just a few simple pantry items. The choice is yours: spice, smoke, or sweetness are added.

Pulled Pork Pressure Cooker Recipe

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If you can’t wait hours of making great pulled pig’s meat using your crockpot or instant pot, using a pressure cooker is the answer. It only takes less than 2 hours to make your mouthwatering barbecued pulled pig’s meat. The great thing about using a pressure cooker is that it’s easy to create. The strain would make your pork super tender and almost as if, for the better part of a day, you were slowly cooking it.

It doesn’t get any greater with this recipe than when you prepare it in a pressure cooker. When smothered in delicious barbecue dressing, the pork becomes more succulent and even more so. In the pressure cooker, just prepare the pork to make it greatly tender.

You can prepare this great recipe more simply and quickly by using a pressure cooker. The great pulled pig’s meat pressure cooker featured pork tenderized by the pressure cooker’s extreme heat and supplemented with complicated and heartwarming dressing, which indeed serves as your comfort food.

Best Pulled Pork Casserole Recipe

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Want to have a great twist with your ordinary pulled pig’s meat recipe? Then making great pulled pig’s meat casserole is the best way to do it. Just have your soups ready and add some cream or cheese and maybe a past over your dish, then bake it with perfection.

It is served with rice skillet meal; one pan BBQ menu is full of flavor and texture. It will get everyone coming back for a little more and leave you with very few recipes! 

Aside from that, you may also make a great cornbread casserole. This great recipe might be your new favorite because it is deliciously mixed, BBQ dressing, and cheese on top of the yummy cornbread. This is a perfect way to use any leftover that you’ll have in your kitchen! You can throw a pork butt in the slow cooker or Instant Pot, or purchase any prepared at the grocery store if you don’t have leftover. It’s so smoky and juicy!

This recipe could guide you to divert from your traditional to a modern and more exciting meal in a casserole. Get your soup and try it now!

Ways to Enjoy and Cook a Good Pulled Pork More

Now we know how to make this menu, let’s find out how we can enjoy more modifications that will surely make our mouth water. However, one of the things about this dish is that you want to make it until it’s falling apart. In other words, that’s what makes it easy to “pull,” use a few forks to turn it into shreds.

The other thing that’s different about this is that you can use it for so many good things after you’ve made it—pulled pig’s meat sandwiches with barbecue dressing and slaw, of course. But this dish in quesadillas, tacos, and enchiladas is perfect as well. And in chili or with a pasta toss. Scatter it or stir it into fried rice on top of a pizza. You are using it on top of a baked potato. Also, it is in a wrap or on top of a baked potato. Doing those is easy-peasy with the help of the following recipe, so read further!

Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

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Perfectly served for a group of people for a picnic or if you are just on a busy day. Having your leftover fill in a sandwich dressed with mayo and lettuce is the best way to enjoy the second time around.

To achieve the best sandwich:

  1. Make the barbecue dressing first.
  2. In a small saucepan over medium heat, mix the ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, garlic, cider vinegar, Worcestershire, Cajun seasoning, and 1/2 cup water.
  3. Bring to a boil, stirring before complete incorporation of the ingredients.
  4. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 30 to 40 minutes total time until the flavors are melded and the dressing thickens enough to coat the back of the spoon.

In a roasting pan, spread out the onions and garlic in an even layer and pour in the chicken stock. In a small cup, mix the Cajun seasoning and brown sugar. Pat the pork shoulder with paper towels to dry, and then rub the spice mixture all over. On top of the onions and garlic, put the pork on top and cover the roasting pan with foil. Move and make in the oven until the pork is tender with a fork.

Remove and discard it if the pork has a bone. Shred the pork into bite-size pieces with two forks, discarding any significant amounts of fat. Shift the shredded pork back to the roasting pan. If it is too dry, add 2 cups of the BBQ dressing and a little reserved liquid. Enjoy!

Pulled Pork Tacos Recipe

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Are you a Mexican food lover or tired of the traditional? Then this is the best way to have your pulled pig’s meat. Crispy tacos are filled with this dish with crunchy cilantro and dipped in creamy guacamole will best fit your taste. Here’s a simple recipe for you!

First, mix the cumin, coriander, salt, and oregano in a small bowl. All over the pork roast, rub the spice mixture. Then, over medium-high heat, heat the olive oil in a medium skillet. On all sides, add the pork roast and brown, approximately 3 minutes total time per side. 

Meanwhile, combine the onion, garlic, chipotle, adobo dressing, beer, and orange zest in a three 1/2-quart slow cooker.

Along with any pan juices, add the browned roast. Cover and simmer for 8 hours or 6 hours on low or on high. When the pork is prepared and fork-tender, use two forks to shred it. Back to the slow cooker, add the shredded meat and toss with the onions and juices. Keep it warm for people to help themselves and assemble the tacos with all the garnishes in the slow cooker. Grab your soda and make your tacos for your afternoon snack delight!

You can also add mustard for added flavor.

Pulled Pork Chili Recipe

Credited to Vi Fit Life

One of our very favorite game-day foods is this dish. For a soothing meal that will satisfy even the most demanding crowd, this chili brings all our favorite barbecue flavors to the front. This delicious, sweet heat chili style is entirely mouthwatering! For those cold falls and winter nights, everything you love is made into a hearty chili packed with BBQ flavor and perfectly hearty!

Apart from being a soothing meal, you could also use a leftover pork slice to do this. To a soup pot or crockpot, add the leftover pork tenderloin, chili beans, black beans, green chilies, fire-roasted tomatoes, and maize. Add the spices and simmer for 3 to 4 hours on a low flame. You are using cheddar cheese and sliced avocado to serve.

On the stove or in a crockpot, this recipe works well. And it could not have been simpler to produce. Only toss into a stand mixer the leftover pork tenderloin and set the control to shred the pork. Enjoy!

Hawaiian Pulled Pork Recipe

Credited to King’s Hawaiian

Are you craving a traditional Kalua pig roast? Let’s take that tradition to the next level. Say Aloha to this recipe by adding a tangy pineapple juice to the pork’s marinade. You can also add pineapple tidbits upon serving.

To have a deliciously pulled Hawaiian version:

  1. Combine the teriyaki mix, paprika, and pepper in a small cup.
  2. Cover the pork mixture with oil, patting it until all the rub is used.
  3. Combine the chicken broth/liquid, brown sugar, soy sauce, chili sauce, and pineapple juice in a cup.
  4. In a 5-quart slow cooker, put the chopped onions and carrots.
  5. Pour half of the pineapple juice mixture over the pork.
  6. Put the pork on top of the carrots and onions.
  7. For Hawaiian dressing, reserve the remainder—cover and simmer for 7 to 8 hours under low pressure. The pork can quickly fall apart.
  8. Take the roast to a cutting board from the slow cooker.
  9. Carefully pull the pork into shreds using two forks.

For the flip of Hawaiian taste, deliciously make the Hawaiian dressing by heating the oil in a medium pot over medium heat. Add the garlic and ginger and saute for about 2 minutes total time, until tender. Add the remaining mixture of pineapple juice, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes total time. Remove and set aside from the sun. For dipping, serve the pork on rolls drizzled with the Hawaiian dressing or on the side. Aloha!

Dutch Oven Pulled Pork Recipe

Credited to Zizzle Brothers

For a crunch of crispness, this oven braised version is best for your flavorful taste buds. It’s also crispy, tasty, and tender. The pork is usually placed in a pan and prepared in an oven, crunch and crisp, which everybody loves.

First, preheat the oven to 225 degrees to make this recipe and place a small rack inside a Dutch oven. Then rub the pork roast with barbecue spice rub and place in the prepared Dutch oven on the rack and cover and finish in the preheated oven until the fork-tender is roasted about 8 hours. Then shred two forks of the roast and return the pork with some of the roasting juices and a generous amount of barbeque/bbq sauce to the Dutch oven. Let it simmer for at least 30 minutes total time over medium heat. This will make the bbq flavor sip into the pork even more. 

This simple combination of spices is super versatile and suits several cuisines. It is seared, then braising the pork in Dutch oven results in crispy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth.

We would also like to inform you about the beautiful benefits of using Dutch Ovens as your means of preparing recipes like this. Dutch Ovens to be specific is environmentally friendly for it is made of pure clay. If you have already availed yourself of the conventional Dutch Oven, don’t worry! We have a way to make sure that every recipe you are cooking in this oven is healthy. Just boil two to three cups of water or liquid in the Dutch Oven. When it is boiling, add two tablespoons of baking soda and dissolve in liquid. Boil this for over five more minutes or a couple of total times. Wait for the liquid to be cool enough for you to sip it.

If you sip the liquid and taste like metal, then that is what you are getting from the food prepared using the same Dutch Oven. If the liquid has some discoloration from the Dutch Oven’s paint, do not even try sipping it in. Just boil some more liquid in the same Dutch Oven and wait until the liquid clears up and no unnecessary smell is leeching. 

Pulled Pork Soup Recipe

Credited to Taste

It is a very hearty and healthy recipe you can make with your leftover. You can simply add your choice of broth and some vegetables, and there you have it. This is perfect for a cold evening, which will surely push your cold away. 

It’s super easy to make this soup. Boil this with chicken broth, corn, mixed vegetables, tomatoes, chili powder, onion, and garlic in a large stockpot or Dutch oven. For a few minute’s time, simmer. Add some brown rice immediately and finish until the rice is tender.

We usually eat this pulled pig’s meat soup with some cornbread sticks, and it is so good and will make you a fan of hot meals and make you crave more.

Different Meat Parts for Pulled Pork Recipe

When making any meal, it is best to choose what type and part of the pork to use, depending on the recipe. Different kinds of pork parts are best used when preparing different variants to enjoy the best recipes. Depending on your preference, the following are on our list.

  • Pulled Pig’s Tenderloin Recipe

Traditionally this uses pig’s shoulders or the butt part. However, because of many discoveries made, tenderloin is now used for this because it’s faster to finish, although it’s no longer recommended to slow cook it since it is easier to shred. 

Tenderloin is best used when you constraint on total time preparing because you could make it faster, unlike the other parts of the meat. However, certain constraints and cautions are needed to follow to achieve that perfect pork texture that we wanted for this menu.

Also, in preparing the tenderloin version, we should make sure that it is sufficiently done and watched enough to avoid making it dry. Sometimes, it is best prepared with the dish soup or chili. You can also try adding bbq flavor to this version.

  • Pulled Pork Shoulder Recipe

There’s something that warms the heart and belly about pulled pig’s meat. You can’t avoid a portion of comfort food that, depending on how you serve it, often doubles as a protein-packed, flavor-forward topping, filling, or accompaniment. As we speak of serving, in tacos and sliders, or on top of a salad, fries, or nachos, this recipe is perfect! However, the pork used is essential, and one of the most famous cuts used is the shoulder cut.

This is the most common and unavoidable cut for making pulled pig’s meat. Also, since this is the most flavorful part of the hog, it is best when slow-cooked, allowing the fat to melt and make it juicier. It is best for pulled pig’s meat barbecue/bbq and sandwiches.

  • Pork Butt Pulled Pork Recipe

If you cannot find pork shoulders, then you can use the pork butt. This is commonly unavoidable. It is also best for slow cooking pulled pig’s meat as well as slow-smoked ones. It is the best cut for stewing and braising and making fall-apart-tender pulled pig’s meat for a barbecue or tacos, as pork butt has more fat marbling in the pork a more uniform shape. We strongly recommend choosing pork butt if a recipe calls for a choice between pork shoulder and pork butt.

Pork butt and pork shoulder are often confused by pork cuts and misleadingly named. They both come from the pig’s shoulder, but the pork butt is higher on the foreleg, while the pork shoulder is farther down. Both benefit from long, slow cooking methods like roasting, stewing, and braising as relatively tough and fatty cuts. But the cuts are different enough that we prefer pork butt in general.

Did You Know?      

Did you know that the American natives first did the process of smoking pig’s meat recipes? They are used to making their recipes over a smoky fire. They knew that this process kept the insects away and preserved the meat. This is said to be the first known barbecue/bbq process. As time passed, the process evolved and thus the art of barbecue.

As a little glimpse of history, when Spanish settlers first arrived in the United States, this process of smoking pig’s meat was first created. They watched natives build a smoky fire underneath their game and noticed how the process kept bugs away and preserved the meat. The earliest version of a barbeque/bbq is known to be this.

Preparing and eating pulled pig’s meat recipes has become a much-loved tradition in America’s Southern states. In particular, pulled pig’s meat in the Carolinas is even more of a delicacy. They have a passion for all things barbecue in this part of the world as well. That’s why, with pulled pig’s meat, you will often find barbeque/bbq dressing.

The popularity of pulled pig’s meat recipes has spread worldwide over time and into the lives of many. The rage became too unavoidably noticeable. These days, pulled pig’s meat sandwich recipes are the most popular version of the recipe. When we arrive at events with our hog roast installations, we are always greeted with delight. We serve sides, including apple sauce, caramelized onions, and roast potatoes, to complement our pulled pig’s meat sandwiches perfectly.

What to Do With Barbecue Pulled Pork Meat Leftovers, which are still Good.

Turn the leftovers of last night with these lip-smacking pulled pig’s meat recipes into another fantastic meal! It makes sense to make it in big batches, given that pulled pig’s meat takes such a long time to prepare. You cant avoid a little experiment on leftover foods. Thankfully, you can make so many recipes from this tender and tasty beef. Picking out which one to try first is difficult!

There are many ways you can enjoy your pulled pig’s meat recipe leftovers. If you don’t want barbecue flavors, you can set aside some for those pulled pig’s meat recipes you have in mind. The shredded meat is best with omelets, salads, and burritos. You can also use it as topping over your pizza or make a pie out of it. 

  • Barbecue Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Recipes

Have you pulled pig’s meat barbecue plus mac and cheese? It’s a splendid blend of two well-loved recipes. Tender barbecue goodness is filled with this creamy and crispy pasta recipe! These two recipes together make the quintessential food of comfort. You can use your oven to make this recipe up. It is done in just over one hour; this feel-good recipe is an A+. Surely no one can avoid the power of this version. 

  • Pulled Pork Sweet Potato Hash Recipes

This sweet potato hash of pulled pig’s meat comes together in just one skillet! We never knew such an excellent combination of tender sweet potatoes and sweet and spicy pulled pig’s meat. We are so thankful that we found this recipe because it opened my eyes to this great pairing! It’s also so easy to produce. Just throw together all of the ingredients, and boom, you’re done! To make it so soft, you can finish cooking in the oven. 

  • Pulled Pork Egg Rolls Recipes

You get soft and tender barbecued meat in golden fried wrappers in this Asian-American fusion. What a delightful mix! These rolls of pulled pig’s meat egg make a great appetizer. But you can also serve them, served with rice or noodles, as the main recipe. They taste great with coleslaw, too. In a dressing made with mayo, sugar, celery, salt, and pepper, simply toss the shredded cabbage and carrots.

  • Pulled Pork Shepherd’s Pie Recipes

There is a traditional shepherd’s pie made of lamb. But it tastes just as good with this recipe using pulled pig’s meat! With peas, maize, mashed potatoes, and cheese, this inventive twist on a classic incorporates sweet, savory pulled pig’s meat. Tell us, that’s not an odd flavor mix! This meal, barbecue, and cheesy are great for the cold weather. This will be your next comfort food at a lesser expense. BAke this in the oven for 40 minutes total time or until bubbling. 

  • Pulled Pork Pizza Recipe

It is so tasty and easy to make this homemade pizza! Leftover pulled pork, a frozen pizza crust, and a bunch of veggies and seasonings are everything you need.

This pizza is sweet and savory with a sweet and tangy dressing made with barbecue sauce, chipotle chili powder, salt, and pepper. Bell peppers and onions are required for this recipe, but you can customize your own and add whatever toppings you want. You may also add pineapples and a lot of cheese.

Pizza is entirely made in the oven to make sure that you will achieve the crisp and flavor. If you don’t have one yet, we will give you a heads up about some of the types of ovens available in the market. 

First would be the wall ovens. It is mounted on the wall depending on where you would like to put it from the name itself. You can mount it so you can bend over or so you can use it while standing. The next one would be the freestanding ovens. This is quite popular in the market as it is a combination of an oven and a hob. It is easier to move this oven because it is freestanding, but the disadvantage is you have to bend down to use it. 

The next one would be the toaster ovens. This is mostly present in anyone’s kitchen. Even though it is widely available, the amount of food you can cook here is quite constrained. This oven’s size is so small that you can only toast garlic bread or heat a nugget. 

Steam ovens cook using steam, as the name suggests. This type of oven is easier to clean compared to other ovens. Bench-top convection ovens use internal fans, on the other hand. This oven can cook faster at low temperatures compared to different oven types. 

On the other hand, microwave ovens are mostly used in heating foods or making popcorns. There is also what they call a self-cleaning oven. We know you would like to have this one. Cleaning your ovens will improve the quality of the food that you are cooking it with. Having this type of oven is a must if you don’t have the luxury of time to clean an oven manually. 

Aside from the types of ovens, you need to know if you are going for a gas oven or an electric one. Gas ovens are cheaper if you have gas already installed at home. If not, well, it can be a little bit too pricey than the electric oven. Also, you need to consider whether your oven will be conventional or convectional. It can be either a gas or electric one; the difference is the source of heat. Conventional ones heat rises from the bottom to the top while the convection ones heat from the fan, which means the heat circulates throughout the whole equipment. 

  • Pulled Pork Empanada Recipe

These pulled pork empanadas will undoubtedly knock your socks off! Pulled pork is already flavourful enough, but it makes the most wonderful-tasting empanada filling when you add more barbecue dressing, cheese, and aji sauce to it. The mixture of flavors is absolute heaven. Oh, my goodness, you’ll forget your name when you bake them in the buttery and flaky empanada crust!

  • Pulled Pork Stew Recipe

This meat stew is filled with tender pulled pork, hearty potatoes and vegetables, and a savory broth. The soup is the epitome of comfort, flavored with rosemary, oregano, and other fresh herbs. It’s still super yummy and straightforward; whether you make it on the stovetop or in the pot that simmers, it does not matter. You can devour this sumptuous stew on your own and serve it with rice or dinner rolls and butter.

  • Pulled Pork Cuban Sandwich Recipe

These sandwiches are all fantastic that you can stuff on a bun, great for lunch or a lazy dinner-meat, pickles, mustard, ham, and cheese. The whole lot is then toasted just to top it off! This is one of the simplest things you can do with your leftovers, and the results are addictive.

  • Fresh Pulled Pork Spring Rolls Recipe

Five necessary components are used in these fresh pulled pork spring rolls: wrappers, noodles, pulled pork, slaw, and some honey mustard barbecue dressing for dipping. Or simply assemble prepared ingredients from the grocery store or deli, you can go all-out and prepare each element from scratch.

  • Pulled Pork Tamales Recipe

Tamales are most commonly associated with Latin America’s cuisines, but they are also a specialty of the Mississippi Delta. In these tamales, pulled pork shoulder pairs wonderfully with the cornmeal dough, which is simpler to make than you would imagine. When you’re ready to feast, you can freeze pulled pork tamales and reheat them.

  • Pulled Pork Enchilada Casserole Recipe

Much like lasagna, this recipe is assembled with layers of tortillas, your leftover pulled pork, and a few pantry items such as enchilada sauce, beans, and maize. Top it with cilantro and new scallions and then a cool dollop of sour cream.

Tips to Make the Best BBQ Sauce for Pulled Pork

Whether you like it smoky, spicy, or tangy, barbecue sauce is the life of every pulled pork recipe variant. The main ingredients are mostly soy or Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and vinegar. Adding additional flavors to your recipes, like barbecue powder, cumin, and paprika makes it more flavorful depending on your taste. When preparing the barbecue sauce, just make sure not to burn it and stir the mixture occasionally. Do not add cornstarch or flour to make the sauce thickens.

  • Brine is the key to a successful recipe.

Recipes like this require marinating to an exquisite quality of dressing. There is much dressing available, but nothing can beat classic brine solution in making a pork leach out of its natural flavors. Given that, here are the things that you need to create an excellent brine at home. 

First, you will need kosher salt or just the regular salt. This is the primary ingredient for your brine solution. Add ten cups of water too and some salt. Balance out the flavor depending on how salty or how sweet you want it to be. 

Once it is dissolved entirely, let your meat dive into the brine solution and rest overnight. We suggest putting the meat and the brine together in a ziplock or airtight container to ensure that the brine will surely sip into the meat entirely. 

What is impressive about brine solution is that it not only makes a recipe even more flavorful, but it has a tremendous impact on the recipe itself. One benefit is that the brine hydrates the meat to avoid it from being too dry. In this sense, you can assure that you will lump super tender meat to serve on your guest. All thanks to the power of brine solution. 

Also, a brine solution is easy to make, so that you can make a jar of it ahead. You can just store it in your fridge and pour it into any meat that you want to cook whenever you want to. 

If you wonder how long you should brine a cut, well, we have all the information needed for that. It depends on the amount you are going to brine with. For example, you should brine significant cuts for about twelve to fourteen hours at a minimum. This is to make sure that the brine solution will sip into every part of the amount evenly. For smaller cuts, three to four hours is enough to make sure that the brine solution will impact the cut. 

Usually, the brine solution tastes quite salty. If you want your brine to taste slightly on the sweeter side, you can add maple syrup or honey. This can guarantee a tremendous effect on your brine formula. 

You can also add special herbs and spices to blast your brine solution. Moreover, garlic and onions are the basic seasonings you can add, but you can change it to shallots or anything that will make your brine solution better. Remember that your brine formula will be the key to a beautiful flavor of any cuts of meat, so you better try out anything that you think will make it delicious. 

Great Side Dishes to Serve with a Good Barbecue Pulled Pork Recipe

There are many choices of side recipes to pair up with your flavorful pulled pork. Here are a few of the side recipes you can try.

  1. Cucumber Salad: This is a perfect side recipe to partner with your sweet and savory pulled pork. The cucumber in total time or season with vinegar will make the meat’s flavor more refreshing and tastier.
  2. Picnic Potato Salad: It is a very hearty and timely salad to complete your meal. It has potatoes, which will be the carb partner with your pulled pork recipe.
  3. Cornbread: Cornbread is a timely companion to pulled pork. These two classics, as old as total time, can never be paired wrong. Perfect of all, it’s not too hard to make, and you can have fun experimenting with a variety of flavors! Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread is a popular option these days, incorporating the flavors of sharp cheddar and spicy jalapeno with the classic goodness of maize.
  4. Sweetcorn Fritters: If you want a playful side that even young kids will enjoy every time, Fritters are a more crunchy alternative. With sweet corn that is turned into deep-fried balls of golden, crispy goodness, you can’t go wrong! You can also take the North Carolina strategy and pair some Buttermilk Hush Puppies with your pulled pork and give a sweet and crunchy element to your meal.
  5. Butter biscuits: If you’re debating which side to choose every time, then go for classic honey butter biscuits, and all your problems will go away. These are quick to make, easy to prepare, and are a hit for both children and adults alike. Just be careful not to leave them out, especially when the children are around, before mealtime. They’re going to disappear before you can say, “Dinner’s ready!”
  6. Spicy Collard Greens: For Southern side recipes, collard greens are top choices every time. This side of it is almost everywhere, and for a good reason. To amplify your pulled pork recipe, you can count on spicy collard greens, and there is such a variety of collard recipes that you will always have a new experience!
  7. Coleslaw: Coleslaw is undoubtedly a timely classic accompaniment to salads, and the best thing about it is that there are so many choices. Traditional coleslaw is always a great option, but if you watch your weight and calories, you can make a healthier version with low-fat mayo. You can even create a purely low-fat vegan option that either uses vegan mayo or entirely skips any mayo options.
  8. Macaroni Salad: If you want a side that is filling and can be served chilled, then a great option is macaroni salad. You can make this ahead of time not to have much to do at dinner time. As early as the night before, you can make it, pop it in the fridge, and have it ready the next day. Macaroni salad, especially for those kids who have pickier palates, can also be a fun way to sneak in vegetables.
  9. Green Salad.- This quintessential salad, which, when it comes to green, healthy eating, will always be the standard salad that everyone likes. Pair this with your pulled pork, and the grave, protein-rich meat will balance you with a light, refreshing, crunchy, and most importantly, healthy side! It is time to do the switch in easting your greens. 
  10. Baked Beans: It is possible to perfectly match low and slow prepared pulled pork with low and slow prepared baked beans! From brown sugar for sweetness to apple cider vinegar for some tang, pop those beans into a pot that simmers and adds whatever kick you want. Let it simmer until it’s ready. For this traditional pairing, you’ll thank the stars, and it will fill you up! This combination is as old as time. 
  11. Succotash: The ultimate side recipe for your pulled pork is succotash! If you want an excellent combination of corn, greens, and colorful veggies, all blended in a blend of sweet and sour, with a splash of salty, then succotash is the ultimate side recipe for your pulled pork! It’s meatless, so the vegetarian and vegan guests have a better side of it. It has vegetables, so it’s safe for sure. It’s colorful and sweet, great for satisfying the hearts of kids and children.
  12. Asparagus, Roasted Onion, and Balsamic Tomato Salad- This light pulled pork side recipe may just be what you’re after with such a rich flavored main. You want a leafy salad, but you’re not sure how to make it worthy of a dinner party? With this balsamic tomato salad combined with sweet roasted onions and crunchy asparagus, we will show you how to lift those leaves. This time, greens will prevail. 
  13. Quinoa Parsley Salad: This Quinoa Parsley salad is a tribute to the traditional tabbouleh. A light pulled pork side salad between mouthfuls is refreshing, familiar, and an excellent palate cleanser. This time it will break your slimming diet. 
  14. French Fries- All you have to do is cut your potatoes into very thin batons and give them a long soak to extract the starch. If you like them naked, simply drain them, dry them and fry them deep in oil. Combine a teaspoon of cumin with a pinch of salt and pepper, then add a bit of chili powder to a bowl. Add a good splash of oil, and then mix until you have a thin paste. If you want to add any flavorings, combine and enjoy this guilty pleasure! Carb time will always have a place on our plates. 
  15. Rice: Rice is a very neutral tasting ingredient. This is also the staple food of the Filipinos. Some might say it’s a little boring. We think it is more of a blank canvas that is suitable for painting with flavors. To make your meat shine, you can go spicy, sweet, or leave it far more subtle. And as for the Filipinos, white rice is the perfect companion for any meal in the kitchen. Time to have more carbs on your plate.

Troubleshooting.: How to improve pulled pork?

  • Using the wrong cut of meat

It can be tempting to just grab the cheapest cut from the meat section and start smoking in your nearest supermarket store. But you MUST start with the perfect quality you can afford if you want to produce delicious pulled pork, ribs, or brisket. As you smoke it over time, you will see the difference between choosing the perfect cut. Time will tell the quality of the meat you are using. 

Your local butcher is a friend of yours. Tell your butcher what you’re looking for, exactly. This will rely very much on what you’re going to do with meat. If you tell him you’re going to use it to make pulled pork, he’ll give you the perfect cut of meat for that.

  • Too salty

Often, even the chefs are again free to use a good 

 salt shaker. Your dream meta roast is seemingly ruined before you know it. In this scenario, a pound of cure is worth an ounce of prevention because it’s not easy to save as soon as a recipe has too much salt. Avoid the problem by applying salt just a bit at a time in the first place. You can add more at all times, but you can never completely delete it. However, there are still techniques to fixed the saltiness of your good pulled pork.

I use a sauce containing acidic ingredients such as wine, lemon juice, or vinegar to serve the roast. The acid provides the recipe with another spice profile, making the salt appear less prominent.

To counteract the meat’s saltiness, make a slightly sweet sauce. Without being too good, the trick is to get just the right proportion to reduce the salt, a balance that can take some practice.

Going with the good meat makes a creamy, fatty sauce, for example, a thick gravy. In your sauce, use butter, oil, or animal fat, but do not use salt. A tongue-covering texture is applied to the fat that will help hide the meat’s saltiness.

For your good roast, serve a side recipe, such as rice or noodles, with no salt added. The salty meat can pair well with the unsalted side recipe when eaten together.

Also, eating salty foods constantly over time will harm your body. Long total time will tell when it will fail you. So, if you are eating many salty foods every time, make sure to dehydrate or drink lots of fluids from time to time. 

  • Too Dry

Pulled pork is incredible. A short, sticky, meaty treat beloved all over the world by pitmasters and gourmet burger firms. It is easy to create too much-pulled pork, especially since “too much-pulled pork” is not a thing. The next day, though, reheating pulled pork is a little harder and can sometimes lead to a frustrating dried-out mess if not done correctly.

In reheating and keeping the pulled pork moist, there should be good storage. Proper preservation is the secret to reheating pulled pork and making it as juicy and tasty as the day they grilled it. Feel free to skip ahead if you only want to know how to reheat pulled pork, but it’s worth learning how best to store your meat later for optimum reheating. Keep it in one piece if you are preparing your meat in advance, and just shred it after you have reheated it.

This happens when you cook it for an extended period of total time without enough liquid to moisturize it. Ensure that you will check the water level from time to time to avoid this kind of mishaps. 

  • Too Bland

When it comes to adding seasoning to your meal, there are some instances where you are cautious, mainly when you are a beginner. Don’t lose faith, though. As you know, the most fundamental and straightforward to solve is a bland mixture. By adding in an additional salty agent, you can change the flavor. And boil with your desired total time. Over time, you will have that sense of seasoning food perfectly. 

Besides, you may add soy sauce and salt to add salinity. But in this instance, before applying it to your meat, you need to dissolve and mix it first. It can also fit well with garlic powder and onion powder. That is why it is an excellent choice to take it into account in your serving.

  • Too Spicy

The spicy flavor can create a remarkable impact on your taste buds. This will trigger it and increase your appetite to prevent you from eating more. Nevertheless, too much will cause you too much trouble as well. That’s why we’re here to send you some solutions to combat that overwhelming amount of spiciness.

To overcome the unintentional spiciness, you may add other condiments such as vinegar or calamansi. The sour taste will eliminate the spiciness of the mixture.


We have come to the end of this article, and we hope that we could help you know more about the best-pulled pork recipe. If you are interested and have concerns regarding this recipe, you could get back to the sections that we have provided. Hence, you might also consider the troubleshooting we have provided in this article if you came along with them in some instances. We also provided ways on how to make the featured recipe properly so that you’ll get it correctly on your first try.

We have also provided various recipes that you could always try on and the side recipes that you could serve with the featured recipe. You can use the information we provided so that you could make your version at home. In that way, you will have a guide in preparing the things you need for this recipe and the steps that you need to follow to prepare the said recipe. Be sure to choose the perfect ingredients!

Sharing this featured recipe with your family’s happy and excited faces will make your day brighter and make you want to serve them the most delicious and most special ones. But for now, we hope we have given you enough guidance, tips, and knowledge to make this featured food the most mouthwatering version of it. We hope we made you excited and craving for it. Be sure to share this with loved ones and your family. If you wish to know any other recipe than this, please browse our other food articles that you would also indeed like.

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The Best Pulled Pork Recipe

There are many variations of pulled pork, which has evolved. This featured recipe has changed as time goes by and has been adapted by the countries based on their traditions and beliefs; hence, numerous versions are known today. But despite the countless recipes we knew, there is one recipe that could never be neglected and forgotten. The most important one is the traditional pulled pork recipe that started it all and was considered exceptional ever since it was discovered. We hope that you'll be able to enjoy this recipe and share it with your family and friends.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Filipino
Keyword Pork Recipes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 6 hours
Total Time 6 hours 10 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 621kcal
Cost $10-20


  • 2 lbs Pork shoulder
  • 1 tsp Brown sugar
  • 1/2 tbsp Chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp Paprika powder
  • 1 tsp Garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Cayenne pepper
  • 4 pcs Onion cut into halves


  •  Put together in a bowl the ingredients. Sugar, Chile powder, Paprika, Garlic powder, Salt and Cayenne Pepper and mix it.
  •  Put the pork in a bowl, spread the mixed ingredients in the pork and add the onion
  • Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F.
  • Cook it for 6 hours. Sometimes it will rotate, add 1 cup of  water.
  • Shred the meat with two forks and serve with bread.
  • Enjoy eating!


Calories: 621kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Protein: 53g | Fat: 43g | Saturated Fat: 16g | Cholesterol: 195mg | Sodium: 1913mg | Potassium: 791mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 520IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 67mg | Iron: 3mg
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