How To Cook The Best Ginisang Pechay Tagalog – Easy Recipe

Do you want something delicious and nutritious both at the same time? Good thing you’re here because we will learn how to make this particular dish. We will help you achieve the perfect balanced meal you’ve been wanting. 

Moreover, this recipe is ideal for you if you are looking for an easy veggie dish that cooks less than 30 minutes! Great, isn’t it? As we go on, you will also learn more about this dish, its variations, and some trivia that will surely help you prepare this dish. 

We assure you that after taking a read on this, you’ll be excited to try this at home because this budget-friendly dish is sure to please the whole family. 

What Is Ginisang Pechay Tagalog

Pinoys are indeed extraordinary chefs and inventors, most notably when it comes to making different dishes. Even when using simple ingredients, they can sure make something out of it that is remarkably delicious. An excellent example of this is making an incredible dish using pechay.

(Photo Credits to: Kawaling Pinoy)

It is a type of Chinese cabbage that has a dark green leaf with an off white stem. There are many other names for it, such as Bok choy, Chinese white cabbage, and snow cabbage. Often used as a supporting ingredient to some dishes, little did we know that this has more to offer. 

This menu is a to-go dish mainly because it is simple and easy to prepare, very affordable, and also has nutritional values that can provide us. It uses ground pork and pechay as its main ingredient making it undoubtedly simple to prepare.

In making this, the first thing to do is to saute garlic, onion, and ground pork while seasoning it with black pepper and fish sauce or patis. Make sure to stir well until the meat is tender. Next is to pour in some water and let it simmer for 5 minutes. 

The last step is by adding the bok choy to the mixture because it softens quickly. Overdoing the veggies will affect the taste of your dish. After adding it, let it simmer while covered for another 5 minutes. Then your healthy dish is ready to serve! 

Ways To Cook The Best Ginisang Pechay Tagalog Recipes

This dish can be prepared using different kinds of electrical devices. Aside from being one of the most uncomplicated recipes, various electrical devices will help you make your kitchen experience easier. 

Slow cooker

Using this tool is a perfect choice if you want to take out all your ingredients’ natural flavors. It will help you do the job with less effort and work. Only keep in mind that this dish is already quick to finish, and using this method makes preparing even quicker. So, keep an eye while in the process because it will take you only 30 minutes or less to get ready and indulge with this dish. 


The crock pot is just like the first type of method mentioned above because it has the same process and procedures. 

It is ideal to use when preparing dishes that require everything to be tender and soft. Doing the crockpot method will enhance the flavor of the ground pork meat that will give extra power to the taste in combination with the veggies. 

Instant pot

This method might not cross your mind to be an option when making this dish. But it is the other way around. 

The instant pot is the ideal choice when making soups and stews, but our dish can also make use of this fantastic tool. Compared to other appliances used in preparing different meals, such as oven roasting, baking, or boiling on a stovetop, using an instant pot can save you up to 70% of energy. It can also retain vitamins and nutrients in the ingredients, preserve the food’s appearance and taste, and eliminate harmful microorganisms.

Alongside this, using an instant pot is convenient, gives you a cleaner area when in the kitchen, is energy efficient, and, most importantly, provides the dish with a more flavorful taste.  

Variations Of Recipes

This highlighted menu is undoubtedly an easy and healthy dish. You might not know that it is quite versatile because it can be added to different ingredients. We share some other recipes you can make out of your dish; take a look and check them now. 

Ginisang Pechay with Fried Fish

(Photo Credits to: Recipe)

A perfect combination is coming right up! This variation will be your next favorite dish. 

The first thing you need to do is to fry the fish. You’re the boss in making this dish, so you can choose whatever type of fish you want to try. But the excellent advice we can give you is to use Tilapia. This fish suits the dish making it the perfect pair for you to try. 

After frying the fish, you can proceed with the initial procedures. Make sure to check if the veggies are all ready. Then, serve it on top of your chosen fried fish. Then it is all set and prepared to satisfy our tummies. 

Recipes with Sardines

(Photo Credits to: Booky guide)

Next to our list is the variation with sardines. This variation is budget-friendly and is quick to prepare. It will take you only a few minutes to finish this. All you need is canned sardines and the other typical ingredients.

In making this variant, you will need to start by sauteing the crushed garlic and onions until the garlic turns brown and the onion softens. The next step is to pour the sardines into the pan while gently stirring it. Simmer them for 1-2 minutes. 

Then add the veggies to the pan and season it with patis and ground black pepper to taste. Let it simmer for a while, and then you’re done.

Recipes with Sotanghon

(Photo Credits to: Panlasang Pinoy)

Why not try adding some noodles to this fantastic dish? It is excellent to combine with another ingredient, such as Sotanghon. 

Transparent noodles or glass noodles are some other names for Sotanghon. You can commonly buy it from the market in a dried form to use in soups, stir-fried dishes, or spring rolls. That’s why it is a perfect idea to add this to our dish for today. 

The first step is to saute chopped garlic and onions together with ground pork. Add water or broth (if you have) to the pan, then wait for it to boil. When boiling, add the Sotanghon and wait until it softens. 

The next step is to add the veggies when the Sotanghon is already soft. Add ground black pepper and patis to give additional flavor and taste to the dish. Cover and let it simmer for a minute, then better serve it hot with rice. 

Recipes with Shrimp

(Photo Credits to: Panlasang Pinoy)

Aside from just putting ground pork to balance this meal, you can also include, or as a substitute, use shrimp for a more excellent umami taste. 

In a pan, saute first chopped garlic and onions until golden brown. Add tomatoes, then continue to boil until it softens. Next is to add the shrimp and veggies, stir fry in high heat for 2 minutes. 

Instead of adding water, shrimp stock will give extra flavor to the dish. Please bring it to a boil, then simmer for three more minutes. Lastly, season it with patis and ground black pepper. 


If mistakes and miscalculations happen, this dish is easy to fix. Here are some things you can apply when trying to save your dish because we don’t want you to end up disappointed with the dish you’ve prepared. 

  • If the finished product appeared to be too salty, gradually add water. Adjust the taste with some condiments until it satisfies you. 
  • Is your dish lacking in flavor? You can put in salt or fish sauce to adjust the taste of your meal. Make sure to add extra ingredients little by little, don’t exaggerate adding them because they might cause your dish to taste unpleasant. 
  • Make sure only to add extra condiments that you will need in your dish. Adding a lot that has no use in your dish might affect the overall taste of the meal. 


Knowing that this recipe is nutritious, let us all know what makes it a healthy choice for us. 

The dish’s main star of the show is pechay. Did you know that it provides many vitamins and minerals that are all beneficial to keep you healthy? Let us share some of these with you and what these vitamins and minerals can do and help our bodies. 

This veggie is high in folic acid. It is a B vitamin that helps the body convert carbs into energy necessary to produce DNA and is especially essential for pregnant women. 

It is abundant in Vitamin K. It helps in digestive conditions and plays a role in preventing blood clotting. It is also a source of calcium. Along with Vitamin D, Calcium helps produce and maintain new bone and reduce the risk of fracture. 

Getting enough supplies of vegetables is an excellent way to meet the standard fiber requirements. Fiber promotes healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as keeps the digestive system healthy. Eating it helps contribute to your daily fiber intake.


Even though this dish is simple to make, there are still tips that might improve it. We hope that these tips will help you make this dish extra delicious. 

  • In preparing the pechay, make sure to separate the leaves and stem by cutting them first. Add the leaf part of the veggie first before the stem. By doing this, it will let both portions of the vegetables be done evenly. 
  • Keep in mind to wash and clean the pechay properly to avoid foodborne illnesses. 

Perfect to Served With

Many variations are made out of this dish; many other meal choices can serve as a perfect combination. Here are some that you will enjoy if eaten with it.

  • Plain Rice- a cup of plain rice is always a perfect partner to any Pinoy dish; that’s why this dish with rice is made for each other. Make sure to enjoy them both while they are still hot!
  • Crispy patathe crunchy skin of this crispy pata will give excitement when paired with our dish. Every bite of the crunchy skin and delicious meat will complement your dish perfectly. 
  • Fried chicken is one of the most favorite meals of all time, especially if you have kids or younger brothers in your family. Having this alongside our made dish will make it a partner you and your children will enjoy. 
  • Buko pandan after every meal, a dessert is a must for every Filipino. The sweet and creamy Buko pandan is one of the best choices to eat after finishing a plate of our highlighted dish. 
  • Grilled liempo- there is nothing better than a tender and juicy grilled liempo partnered with our dish. It will complement our dish perfectly because anything that is done by grilling gives more flavors.
  • Daing na Bangus- looking for the perfect partner to achieve a healthy balanced meal for lunch? Serving this dish with Daing na Bangus is what you were looking for to complete a hearty meal. 


There is nothing more satisfying than learning a new dish that is not just delicious but healthy as well. We hope that we gave you all the things to know about making this dish. Rest assured that this hearty dish is not the kind to disappoint. 

Try it now for you to enjoy with your family. Spread this recipe to your friends or colleagues for them to experience what this dish has to offer. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of this, okay? 

Have an excellent time in your kitchen! 

For more delicious recipe, visit Eat Like Pinoy!

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Best Ginisang Pechay Tagalog Recipe

Follow these simple steps to have this dish as delicious as possible. Enjoy!
Course Main Course
Cuisine Filipino
Keyword Vegetable recipes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 125kcal
Cost $5-$10


  • 1 lb Bok choy cleaned and chopped
  • 1/2 tsp Ground black pepper
  • 1 tbsp Fish sauce
  • 1 tbsp Cooking oil
  • 4 cloves Garlic crushed
  • 1/2 cup Ground pork
  • 1 pc Onion diced
  • 1/2 cup Water


  • Heat oil in a cooking pan. Once the oil is hot, saute garlic until brown.
  • Add the onion and ground pork. Season with black pepper and fish sauce. Stir well until the meat is cook.
  • Pour-in water, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Then put the bok choy, cook for another 5 minutes while covered.
  • Serve while hot!


Calories: 125kcal | Carbohydrates: 5g | Protein: 7g | Fat: 9g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 20mg | Sodium: 447mg | Potassium: 391mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 5067IU | Vitamin C: 52mg | Calcium: 128mg | Iron: 1mg
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wonderful gulay pampahaba ng buhay! 😀