How to Cook the Best Chicksilog Recipe

Silog is a type of Filipino dish served during breakfast. It also has many variations, including Tapsilog, Bangsilog, Hotsilog, Cornsilog, and many more. One of the most popular kinds of Silog variation is the best Chicksilog. 

It is a dish composed of fried chicken, fried rice, and a fried egg.

Chicken is one of the most well-known poultry meat in the Philippines and other parts of the world. It is easy to prepare, cook, and serve with all other kinds of garnishes and side dishes. 

Rice is a staple food that Filipinos love to eat with a fried chick and a fried egg. So, it is a dish that is perfect for serving as a meal. 

Suppose you want to know more about this simple yet delicious dish. You must keep reading this article because it would provide you all the things you need to know about this dish. 

What is Best Chicksilog

Credits To: Bok-Choi Pares

Our menu is a classic Filipino dish served during breakfast with coffee. It consists of fried rice, itlog or egg (fried particularly), and fried chicken

It is one of the very common dishes served in many restaurants in the Philippines. It becomes elevated depending upon the additional ingredient you put in the featured dish. 

This dish has rich, bold, and delicate flavors because of the ingredients used in the dish. It is a leftover dish that turned into an amazing restaurant-quality cuisine. 

It is another way to limit throwing food to elevate by cooking another dish using those leftovers. It is one of the most famous variations of Silog dishes. 

Ways to Cook

Credits To: Masarap Din

This dish is an easy dish to cook in many ways. Here are the two techniques for cooking this dish.

Stovetop Recipe

It is the best way to cook this dish because first, you have to fry the meat. Afterward, you have to create fried rice, also known as sinangag in Filipino terms, a combination of cold cooked rice and minced garlic saute in oil season with salt and pepper. Then fry an egg. 

This way of cooking is the most suitable cooking method to use in this dish. It is easier and convenient than other ways of cooking. All you have to use is a pan and a burner. 

Instant pot 

It is an instant way of cooking, where you could use only one piece of equipment, the multi-cooker, to cook the whole dish—starting from frying the meat, sauteing and cooking the rice, which could be a garlic fried rice and the egg. 

It is an all in one cooking method, which requires less time and effort to create an amazing dish.

Other Delicious Variants of Chicken, Sinangag, and Itlog

The dish featured in the article has many varieties and versions to try and discover. Thus, we provided a few variations that you might experiment with when cooking the featured dish. 

Spicy Chicksilog

It is not an ordinary recipe. This version is another dish elevated by putting spices like chili in the meat. This dish consists of a spicy chick, which is perfect for spicy food lovers. It elevated the dish to an extraordinary dish that you would love to serve and include on the menu list. 

Chicksilog with tomatoes

Aside from green peas, atchara, and corn, another side dish highlighted the dish, tomatoes. Not all are not fond of tomatoes. But this version promotes healthier and tastier dishes. 

Tomatoes is a red berry plant that is a great source of umami flavor. It could be an ingredient used in a salad, sauce, drinks, and as an ingredient to other dishes like the featured dish with tomatoes. It is mostly and particularly served as a side dish. 

With atsara

This version is a dish elevated by adding atchara as a side dish to this breakfast food. Many people love to eat silog with atchara on the side because it balances the taste and flavor of the dish.

Atchara is a well-known side dish commonly served not only in the restaurants but also at home. It contains a sweet and sour flavor that compliments the savory taste of the dish. 

With green peas and corn

Another variation is with green peas and corn. It is also a side dish that helps to highlight the dish and makes it a restaurant-quality dish. Of course, the green peas and corn complimented very well with the breakfast dish. It makes the dish more healthy and appealing because of the side dish’s green and yellow color.  

Green peas are green or occasionally have a golden yellow color, usually steamed or boiled, and served as an added ingredient in a certain dish or a side dish. 

Corn is a staple food all around the world. You could also purchase it in the market. Some cooks use it as an added ingredient to a particular dish, and some use it as a side dish or snack. 

These two ingredients are the perfect-combined side dishes for our dish. 

With Java Rice 

This variation is another superb version of the featured dish. It elevated the rice into a Java rice, good for serving fried chicken and a fried egg. 

A Java Rice is a bowl of restaurant-quality fried rice that originated in the Philippines. This rice type is usually and particularly served in a well-known restaurant because of its appearance and flavors. It uses turmeric and annatto oil in creating this rice dish. It makes a simple dish into an incredible and amazing dish to serve.


The Silog craze in the Philippines started when the Spaniards came to the Philippines during their invasion. The first-ever Silog dish entered the Filipino table is a popular Spanish appetizer, namely “Tapas.” It is a meat chunk served with liquors during that time. 

But as time passed, Filipinos started to twist the Silog dish until they made up ten to hundred dishes of Silog, and one of them is this famous dish. 

They continue to experiment and combine other meat, seafood, and other dishes that turn them to create a restaurant-quality dish that has a unique taste and delightful flavors. 

The name of the dish comes from three traditional dishes such as meat (the chick word in the dish), sinangag (the word is in the name of the dish), and lastly, the itlog (which is the word log on the last part of the dish name). 

But some diners and cooks called it Chicksiloglog if the customer asks to put an extra fried itlog to the dish. 

What an amazing dish, right?


This dish is a wonderful cuisine to serve at your table. So, here are some of the great tips when cooking the dish. 

  • Ensure that you already have the ingredients needed to create this incredible dish. 
  • Use cold, cooked rice and minced garlic to create fried rice. 
  • Make sure that you marinate the meat part that you wish to eat. 
  • Cook the meat perfectly. You could deep fry it to ensure that the cook on the fried chick is soft and tender. 
  • The cook on the itlog is sunny side up. 
  • Put some garnishes like crispy garlic bits and side dishes when you served the featured dish. 


The errors when cooking is difficult to avoid if you are not a professional chef. That is why we prepare some solutions to save your dish. 

  • Suppose you don’t have leftover cooked rice and are about to use freshly cooked rice. You could put it in a baking pan or a Tupperware, then place it inside the fridge.
  • If you accidentally undercooked the meat, you could put it inside the microwave and let it coo for a few minutes.
  • If you taste that the dish is a bit bland, you could add salt or other seasonings to make your dish tastier. 

Best Serve With

Silog dishes are not complete if there are no drinks and side dishes served along with it. Thus, here are a few side dishes and desserts to complement the dish. 

  • Coffee– is perfect during breakfast with our menu.
  • Milk– is another drink perfect with the dish.
  • Pineapple Juice– is a sweet drink served instead of coffee when eating the featured Silog dish. 
  • Corn Pudding– is a comfort food good as a side dish for the featured Silog dish. 
  • Squash casserole– is another comfort food that is perfect with the featured Silog dish. 
  • Hash brown Casserole– is a dish good as a side dish as well. 
  • Potato Chips– is a potato dish that is also good as a side dish for our menu. 
  • Creamy mixed vegetables– is a dish that is perfect as a side dish and the Silog dish. 
  • Sausage gravy is a sauce perfect as an appetizer to uplift the featured dish’s taste. 
  • Brownie Brittle– is a sweet brownie dessert perfect after the meal. 
  • Buko Pandan– another sweet, which is perfect for eating after the meal. 
  • Snickerdoodle– is a cookie type food perfect as a dessert after eating this dish. 
  • Banana Pudding– is a dessert perfect along with the featured Silog dish. 
  • Leche Flan– is a sweet delicacy that is perfect with the Silog dish. 


Creating these phenomenal dishes like our menu and other Silog dishes is easy when you have all the ideas to make it. Looking back on how this dish started is like a bomb, an explosion of a very well-known dish. 

Chicken is a slice of ordinary meat used to make wonderful dishes. All in one dish surpasses our expectations, especially elevating the dish to more succulent and delicate cuisine. 

Many other great dishes you could try to create, but if you have leftovers? Don’t worry. This dish would save you from throwing food. 

Leftovers could be a great and excellent dish like our menu. Hence, don’t just look at your cold rice, cold fried chicks, and eggs. Try cooking this amazing dish and serve it with your family. 

They would not know that what you serve them is just leftovers. Wise cooking management, right? Happy eating!

For more delicious recipe, visit Eat Like Pinoy!

Best Chicksilog Recipe

  • 4 pcs Chicken
  • 4 cups Cooked rice
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1/4 tsp Ground black pepper
  • 1 1/2 cup Cooking oil
  • 5 pcs Eggs
  • 1/2 cup Flour
  • 3 cloves Garlic (minced)
  • 1 tsp Calamansi juice (extract)
  1. In a bowl, season chicken with salt, pepper and calamansi extract. Cover and marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes Set aside.

  2. Heat oil in a frying pan. Fry 4 eggs then remove from the pan. Set aside.

  3. In a bowl, beat an egg using a fork.

  4. Then pour the flour in flat plate.

  5. Get the chicken then dip in the beaten egg and dredge in the flour.

  6. In the same pan (you used in cooking the egg), gently fry the chicken for 6-8 minutes per side or until crispy brown over low medium heat.

  7. Then remove the chicken from the pan and let it sit until dry. Set aside.

  8. In another pan, heat cooking oil then saute garlic until brown.

  9. Add the cooked rice and season with salt. Mix well for 10 minutes. Set aside.


  1. Scoop 1 cup of fried rice and put over the plate.

  2. Then arrange the fried chicken and egg on the side of the plate.

  3. Serve while hot! Enjoy.

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