How To Make The Best Tapsilog

Filipinos are well-known meat-eaters. They are one of the ten largest consumers of meat in the world. And there is no wonder why the Best Tapsilog dish is one of the most popular dishes served on many tables at home. 

If you love to eat meat and one of the so-called meat-eaters, this featured dish is the perfect dish. 

This dish consists of Tapa, any meat usually cured or dried one, fried rice, and an egg. 

Is it a simple dish, and yet it seems delicious and appealing? If you are interested in the dish, keep diving into the given information we would give you throughout this dish. 

What is Tapsilog

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Tapa is either venison, mutton, horse meat, or beef dried or cured. You could also use other meat or even fish. 

Filipinos prepare this beef meat by slicing the beef meat and curing it with spices and salt to preserve it. The cooked beef meat could either be grilled or fried, depending on your desired cook. 

When you served it with sinangag and an egg on the side, the dish was very well-known as Tapsilog. It is often and usually served with atchara or sliced tomatoes on the side. 

The sinangag in this dish is a bowl of traditional garlic sinangag. The egg’s cooked is sunny side up, and this dish is often and primarily served during breakfast. 

It is a very well-known dish in the Philippines. It is their authentic and original dish served in many restaurants today. 

Ways to Cook for Tapsilog Recipe

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A simple and delicious dish could prepare and cook in many ways. The three ways of cooking the featured dish would help you recreate this classic Pinoy dish. 


This way of cooking is the most popular way many Filipino use in cooking the featured dish. It is just tapping to the burner and putting the pan on it, then cooking the dish. It is the easiest way of preparing the dish to serve it hot and perfectly cooked. 

Instant pot 

The instant pot cooking process is a modern style of cooking the dish. You could use one pot called multi-cooker in cooking the dish. You could cook the egg, then the sinangag, and lastly, the Beef Tapa in just one pot. 


It is the traditional way of cooking and preparing the dish and the usual process in many Tapsihan or restaurants when cooking the featured dish. They cooked the dish in a grill pan and then served it hot and perfectly cooked.

Other Delicious Variants

This particular and awesome Pinoy dish comes with many variations. We listed down all the versions that you may try to cook. 

Spicy Tapsilog Recipe

It is a variation where you could use chili pepper or chili pepper flakes to the dish as you cook the meat itself. 

Chili pepper or chili flakes are commonly used in a wide variety of dishes worldwide. It is also one of the staple ingredients that could create different spices like chili pepper flakes, chili paste, and many more. 

Are you fond of unique spicy flavor food? Then this version suits your taste buds. It is one of the most requested versions of this dish. 

With tomatoes Recipe

It is the very common version of this dish with tomatoes on the side. The tomatoes served as a side dish for the featured dish. 

Tomatoes are ingredients frequently used in many diverse ways: cooked or uncooked, fresh, or raw. You could serve it as a salad, sauce, and drinks because it is both fruit and vegetables. This food is outstanding because the tomato on the side balances the featured dish’s flavor because of its umami flavors. 

Burrito Style

This version is a type of classic burrito made by Filipinos. They stuffed it with sinangag and Beef Tapa instead of cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients put in the tortilla, fried rice, and meat to spread to the elevated version. 

Burrito is a phenomenal food cooked in various cities, states, and countries all over the world. It is very similar to taco, and it has many variations. It is a food filled with a savory filling, mostly meat, sinangag or cooked beans, vegetables, and other condiments. 

It is an elevated food that turns this classic dish into a Mexican dish like burritos. 

Salad Style

Like the tomato, salad on this version serves as a side dish. It is because It helps the dish to incorporate its savory taste.

Salad is a combination of vegetables and mix in the food and served raw mostly. There are certain types of salads, and the most common version is the garden salad with its dressing. You could serve the salad as a side dish, appetizer, main course, and dessert. 

But in this version of this dish, the salad is a side dish. 

Spicy Tapsilog With Kimchi and Chili paste

It is a Korean version since you could use kimchi and chili paste to elevate the dish. It is slightly different from the featured dish because you have to saute the ingredients with the Kimchi and Chili Paste. 

Sinangag instead of traditional garlic fried rice could use kimchi to add some flavor to the cold cooked one and call it Kimchi fried rice. Kimchi is a traditional side dish in Korea made of fermented and salted vegetables such as Korean radish and napa cabbage. It contains a bold and powerful flavor, which makes a certain dish stand out.  

Chili Paste is another condiment used to put some fiery, hot, and spicy flavor to a dish. And in the featured dish version, Kimchi and Chili Paste are the flavoring agents used to put flavor and taste to the featured dish. 

Sweet and Spicy Recipe

Another variant of our menu is the sweet and spicy flavor. Like the Korean version of the featured dish, you could add spicy flavor but not on the sinangag but in the meat itself. This version is perfect to fit with the sweet and spicy lover. 

Besides adding spicy flavors, you could add a sweet taste to the dish by adding sugar or other sweet flavoring agents when cooking the meat. Then serve it with fish sauce and other condiments.

Trivia about Tapsilog

Before cooking the meat, make sure that you dried or cured it and cut into small portions or thin slices on the meat. 

Did you know that Beef Tapa in the Philippine language originally meant meat or fish preserved by smoking? But when the Spanish come to the Philippines, they give another meaning to it. It is because beforehand, the Spanish government gave Filipinos the trimming parts of the meat. 

This dish is not the one created at home but usually served in small restaurants called Tapsihan or Tapsilogan in different barangays in the Philippines. 

Filipinos have a great sense of taste and combination of flavor, that is why they made the trimmings into a superb dish called the Tapa dish. They call it Tapsilog, a combination of Tapa, sinangag, at itlog. 

Tips for cooking this Recipe

Creating an absolute dish like the featured one is easy once you know the dish and make it. So, we listed some tips for you to follow when making the featured dish. 

  • Use cold cooked rice in creating sinangag. 
  • Before cooking the beef meat, make sure that you dried or cured it and cut into small portions or thin slices on the meat. 
  • Avoid overcrowding the pan.
  • Cook the egg into perfection, which is when you cut in the center, the egg yolk would ooze out. 
  • If you are creating another variation of the dish, make sure you have the right ingredients.
  • Cook the meat into perfection. Medium to medium-rare, which is completely tender.

Troubleshooting when cooking Tapsilog Recipe

We prepare some solutions to save your lovely dish. In case you make some errors and ruin it. 

  • Suppose you don’t have cold cooked sinangag, and you would use freshly cooked sinangag, put it in a Tupperware first and place it inside the refrigerator.
  • If this dish’s taste is a bit plain or bland, you could add salt or other spices like soy sauce and any other condiments that would make the dish incorporate the right flavor.

Best Serve With

Silog dishes like the traditional dish are not complete and perfect when you serve it alone. Hence, a few desserts, drinks, and side dishes are perfect for the featured dish. 

  • Coffee- is a perfect drink to partner with this dish for a meal.
  • Milk- is another wonderful drink that is perfect with the featured dish during breakfast. 
  • Pineapple Juice– is another beverage aside from coffee or milk to serve along with the dish for breakfast. 
  • Java Rice- is another superb dish best to substitute with garlic sinangag. It goes very well with the meat when served as a whole dish. 
  • Coke and Sprite- is a soft drink that makes the dish stand out because of the taste it relies on when you drink it while eating our menu. 
  • Cabbage and carrot salad- is a very simple salad dish commonly and usually served as a side dish for the featured dish. 
  • Drop soup– is one of the great soups to serve along with our dish. 
  • Crab and corn soup– is another soup that perfectly matches the Tapa dish’s taste featured here. 
  • Corn Pudding– is comfort bread perfect for serving as a side dish to the featured dish.
  • Squash casserole– is another comfort dish complimenting the taste of the featured dish.  
  • Hash brown Casserole is perfect as a side dish along with this dish. 
  • Potato Chips– is another food perfect as a side dish or appetizer along with the featured dish here. 
  • Creamy mixed vegetables– is a popular vegetable dish that complements the featured dishes savory taste and perfect as a side dish.
  • Sausage gravy is a creamy sausage gravy, which is surely perfect with this dish. 
  • Brownie Brittle– is a dessert perfect for eating after eating the Tapa dish featured. 
  • Buko Pandan– another dessert that gives sweetness and creaminess that complements the savory taste of the dish.
  • Snickerdoodle– is another bread-type food similar to cookies and perfect to eat after the meal.
  • Banana Pudding– is a perfect dessert to serve with this dish. 
  • Leche Flan– is a popular dessert that makes the dish stand out because of its flavor. 
  • Vinegar- is one of the perfect condiments to partner with the dish featured here. 
  • Ketchup- is another condiment that perfectly matches the featured dish’s palette flavor, which makes it stand out. 


There are many Silog dish varieties, including this most popular one. It is an awesome dish that many Pinoys love because of the taste, flavor, and especially because it is a meat dish. 

It has a unique and delicate taste that makes it stand out among other dishes. You could serve it not only in breakfast, even at lunch or dinner depending on the variation you would like to cook. 

Making this simple and humble dish is not difficult, but it is not that easy as well. You have to balance all the flavors you put in it, including the perfect side dishes and desserts you would love to serve with your family. 

To help you not stress yourself, we provided tons of ideas and insights that would help you create this dish without any problems. 

So what now? Try to recreate and elevate this dish because your loved ones would probably love it! 

For more dishes and dish information, visit our websites to know more about Filipino cuisines that you want to try and serve.

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Best Tapsilog Recipe

Course Main Course
Cuisine Filipino
Keyword Breakfast Recipes, Rice Recipes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 210kcal
Cost $5-$20


  • 1 lb Tapa cut into strips
  • 4 pcs Egg
  • 4 cups Cooked rice
  • 3 cloves Garlic minced
  • 1/2 cup Cooking oil
  • 1/4 tsp Salt


Preparing the rice

  • In a large bowl, mix rice with salt. Mix well the set aside.

Cooking the tocino and egg

  • Heat oil in a cooking pan.
  • Fry the whole egg then remove from the pan. Set aside.
  • In the same pan, fry the tapa for 10 minutes over low heat. Set aside.
  • Heat oil in another pan. Once the oil is hot, saute garlic until brown.
  • Then add the rice, mix and cook for 5 minutes. Set aside.


  • Mold the cooked rice using a small cup and put over the plate.
  • Place tapa on one side of the plate.
  • Then put the egg on top of the rice.
  • Eat while hot. Enjoy!


Calories: 210kcal | Carbohydrates: 45g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 4mg | Sodium: 149mg | Potassium: 64mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 20mg | Iron: 1mg
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